How Youtube Ad Revenue Works (Revealing My Income)

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In this video I explain how youtube ad revenue works and how much money my channel currently makes from youtube ad revenue!

People seem to always be asking “how much do youtubers make?”. And there’s a big misconception that a lot of subscribers or even a lot of views equal a lot of money. So, I wanted to make a video and get the youtube ad revenue explained. There’s a lot more variables when it comes to making money on youtube from ad revenue. First of all, it doesn’t matter how much subscribers you have, only the number of views count and how much a video makes per view. A very important factor is the CPM (Cost Per Mille) which defines how much you’ll make per 1000 views from your videos. The topics that your videos are about is the biggest factor deciding how high the CPM will be and how much a youtuber will make.

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Make the world a better place and dish me out a like on this one :D

Author — Metics Media


Pretty impressive with only a few videos! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Author — Grow with Will - Level Up Your Business Skills


Oh! So that’s the main reason YouTubers have to upload daily. Thanks for sharing!

Author — CharBarStar 64


Simon, great topic. Very well explained. You’re a digital natural! Looking forward to learning a lot more from you. Please do consider making more such videos. 👍

Author — Big Al


Really learned a lot of new stuff, thank you so much Simon 😊❤

Author — Kalle Flodin


I am glad that I found your channel. Nice video, very easy and clear to understand. One of the most underrated channel on youtube. Keep up the good work buddy.

Author — RumbaHD


Nice review, I have learned a lot and will take note of it for my channel. Thank you. Great content.

Author — Laureen Son


Thanks for this vide. I’m a few weeks from being monetized and love seeing these videos!

Author — Mousy Leigh


The best video ever i have seen who teach nicely all the things in youtube, keep it up and we need more videos like this, bravo

Author — KEYAN


Great video. Lots of good information! Thanks!

Author — Nu Yawk


Great video bro, I also want to ask you something, you see the amount shown in your estimated revenue, is this after the youtube cut or before?

Author — Mohamed Sayed


My good goodness, how can this video only viewed less than 1000people. so detailed and very useful indeed for a new creator like me. thanks for this bud! all the best ❤

Author — HKFOOTY


Interesting video Simon...I can see that your most popular video repeat the same pattern of other viral videos: the audience retention is above 70% in the first minute, THAT IS KEY INFO!!...If you can answer me this question it will be very good from your side: How much is your CPM in your affiliate marketing videos (specially in your 2 hr long COMPLETE Affiliate Marketing Tutorial and where your audience come from? Please!?

Author — Money Chasing You


Great video for people like us.... i was looking for this... thanks for sharing 🙏

Author — Imal Vlog


Nice video! I hope i could also grow more on my channel. Let’s keep on grinding 💪🏻

Author — AC Life


My cpm is right up there with yours, I just monetized less than a month ago, glad I have a high cpm

Author — LexiSue&You


How can I get one on one coaching from you ?

Author — Christina V


i dont care how much i earn, as long as i earn and my mom doesnt think im a dissapointment

Author — Zuhayr


This is truly passive income. One video makes 50% of your youtube income. thanks for sharing!

Author — Golden Talon Construction


the 55 percent that you make has it been already calculated in the cpm. because from my calculation i take the entire views that you got divide by 1000 (because that is the amount per 1000 ad views to get paid) then i multiply it with the CPM and then i take away 45 from what youtube takes and you will get your ACTUAL revenue. IM not sure if this calculation is 100 percent correct so can you please confirm this.

Author — Skullz