Europe's Top 10 Most Powerful Countries

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Top 10 most powerful countries in Europe .These are the top 10 strongest militaries in Europe.But before we begin it should be noted that
Total aircraft strenght mention in the video includes aircraft from airforce,Navy and Army.
Armored fighting vehicles counts only includes infantry fighting vehicles and armour personnel carriers.Transcontinental countries which are both located in Asia and Europe are also included in the list.

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Drones and electronic warfare capabilities should have been listed too (especially after what happened in nagorno karabach)

Author — Kees Hans


Best wishes from Turkey.🇹🇷Respect for all countries👍

Author — SUHAN


I think Turkey has a strong millitary, they are ready to operation any time.. they have a terminator drones, they manage own operation.. l didnt hear before that kind of tecnology..

Author — PRO - SOUND 🎧


Greetings from Italy 🇮🇹, appreciate our NATO allies 🤗

Author — Matty T


Full support brother Turkey ❤️🇹🇷❤️ from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

Author — aXtazy


technology and the logistics are actually more important rather than just numbers. you can have 10k tanks for instance but if most of them have 60s-70s technology, you are gonna have some difficult time penetrating the enemy's let's say just 1000 tanks with latest technology and more efficient, more capable armor.

Author — Alperen ER


How is it that Ukraine is stronger than Greece when in all categories is weaker and most of its weaponry as you correctly have mentioned is outdated?

Author — Bildencarlia


To notice: the oto melara 76mm naval gun is on most of the frigates in the NATO

Author — SEPARSOUL__


Wait, the three "helicopter carriers" of France are not just helicopter carriers, but unique vessels allowing a complete amphibious operation of 400 soldiers, their armoured vehicles AND a support from the helicopters.

Author — Alexandre Mignon


As others have mentioned drone and missile tech should have been included. Maybe even self sufficiency in defense tech and equipment

Author — God of Chaos Khorne


You got everything right but UK isnt a permanent member of the UN. Every Nation has access to the UN as long as they are recognized by it which will not change on the UK. It is one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council which vote on things and veto them etc.

Author — Northern Kaiser


Dont judge any nation based off this video though, its completely irrelevant if war happened. Most of these countries apart from Russia only maintain a minimal peacetime force, I'm sure if the UK or France wanted to maintain an army ready for conflict then they would be able to field one larger than Russia's.

Author — Noob Plays - Saslow


Everyone now know what really means Russian army)) 50 days of massive attacks but Ukraine holds strong

Author — KozakPoltavskyiKurin


I love Italy & Spain from Croatia🇭🇷🇮🇹🇪🇸

Author — Nedo Opačak the boy gamer


Love from UK. Respect to our All Nato Allies!

Author — Emanuela Dautsu


As per records Turkey is the second strongest Nato military power after USA. However we also need to take into consideration that Turkey has a strong developed weapon industry.We are famouse for our drones and newly developed laser weapons. Also what needs to be considered is bravery.Turks are by blood warriors.We don't fear death.Just our balls alone are a force to be reckon with.

Author — Sadicchio


In addition, Turkey's marine amphibious unit one of the best soldiers in the world. Course success rate %4-6 because of the difficulty.

Author — Lasiurus


Greetings from Poland PL, appreciate our NATO allies

Author — animowy


Germany is often highlighted for its poweful economy. But France, 1000 years old of military History, is today the third world nuclear weapon, is rarely said. Very impressive, as UK...

Author — ROLZ


Having a jet is one thing, having it air worthy is another - Its a paper jet :P Same applies to Navy, and land vehicles. Wish we knew how many were actually operational

Author — Hakan A