The Fed Just Crashed The Market! And It's Going To Get Worse...

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💬 Comments on the video

I am really liking this daily format versus analyzing what others say. Your true ability to share wide ranging issues is shining. Keep it up

Author — Festers Garage


My advice to new investors: Buy good projects and hold them as long as they are good companies. Just do this and ignore the forecasts and market views which are at best entertaining but completely useless.

Author — jessica moore


keep hearing the stock market is going to crash for the last 4 years.Still almost at an all time high.No one knows what's happening until it happens from my experience

Author — mac attack


The market seems to be trending in a downward pattern. Two steps down and one step up. I've already moved some of my 2021 profits into inverse market ETFs. Been shorting the Chinese market for the past few months, so those trades have been very profitable.

Author — covercalls88


Level headed and unbiased per usual. Love the updates, thanks Max

Author — Jason Kern


I like the content you bring. I don't have any knowledge of trading but always was curious about these things though. Thanks for giving some insight in the business. I am not ready to actively participate into these things yet. Just going to lurk for a while.

Author — Michael G


I am really enjoying your videos and overview of the markets, although the market is trending downward in respect to tech and trade companies i would say a good solid strategy right now is to look at the energy and mineral sectors. Right now I think the safest investments are in the mining companies and there are some really good growth potentials.

Author — Paul Smith


Glad to hear you mention Japan, as one of the biggest economies in the world, ; somewhat isolated, somewhat intertwined with the dollar, its is very interesting to look at their economy.
I would love for you to look into the "shrinkflation" going on there for the past 3, 4 decades, which is in my opinion one of the main reason they manage to keep prices the same for the said amount of time, alongside the lifelong recession.

Author — NZ ZN


Finally, something in the markets is starting to make sense. Thanks Max for the information. I am interested in what you think happens to the DXY in 2022?

Author — Chris Kleeschulte


Great content! One of the only people who actually goes into such great detail and argues back and forth against their own points. Keep it up!:)

Author — NightyNight


It seems a bit premature to assume the Fed will pursue a more moderate and responsible path based on one down day. They have a proven history of saying one thing and then doing another based on a panicked reaction to markets adjusting down for normal risk rather than their manipulated excess inflation push guaranteeing no risk returns. We will see how long this anti-inflation pursuit lasts after we see a more significant and meaningful decline from their propped up charade. They have a proven magical ability to disregard consequences that do not favor their economic theories and agendas.

Author — SayWhat?


Thanks Max. You're so 'un-convoluted' unlike so many other wannabe economic reporters. 👍

Author — Peter Brown


Good to finally hear someone label all this ludcrious "growth" in asset prices as inflation. Inflation is not growth. You talk about selling at the top, taking profits, getting out before the crash, etc., the assumption being there will be plenty of optimistic buyers. Realistically there will be few optimistic buyers, the crash will be steep and deep with everyone trying to predict the very bottom.

Author — Jumbo Egg


Max, you're good, really solid. I see a great future for you as a writer and presenter... It's no wonder you've gained so many subs quickly, you well deserve that recognition. ~Cheers

Author — Steve Rosenberg


Comprehensive analysis in few minutes; Stoic you are simply awesome

Author — Shahid Mahmood


Great summary, as always Max. Thank you ☺️

Author — Kamal Hurree


You save me so much time rather than going through articles.

Author — King


Expecting people to replace their phones every 6 months probably messed up their budget predictions pretty bad most people get a beefy case and never think about their phones again.

Author — Brian Zulauf


This is probably the best daily new source I found in a long time. It's a shame it's just finance base if there was a small bit of global politics etc I would be perfectly well rounded.

Author — Matthew Tanner


Crypto will behave like a tech stock until the crash, then genuine money printing will kick in and send it skyward. QE is not money printing, the Fed don't hand over cash, they keep bank reserves in prison. This bubble is built on more and more debt.

Author — Nigel Jones