Evacuation! Terrible fires have reached residential areas in Hatay, Turkey

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Natural disasters 18 April 2022. Evacuation! Terrible fires have reached residential areas in Hatay, Turkey

Forest fires that broke out in two locations early Monday were taken under control after 12 hours, local authorities in a southern Turkish town said. Villagers had alerted the firefighters when flames erupted in two parts of a forest in the town in the southern Turkish province of Hatay.

Local forestry services and firefighters from Hatay municipality rushed to the location. Their extinguishing efforts were hampered by strong winds. Winds also blocked efforts to use airplanes or helicopters to put out the wildfire. People from residential areas near the forest helped the firefighters.

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Horrible. I pray all the people remain safe. Lord, protect the firefighters.

Author — Sharon Stanley


🙏🙏for humans, & animals.
We had someone setting fires here yesterday..Thank goodness they were put out quickly.

Author — LuvJesus lee


God bless you guys, you are all in my prayers 🥺🥺🥺



Ich befürchte das diese gelegt wurden.

Author — Folge Jesus


In name of Jesus…..praying for stop Amen

Author — Liew Meng


Nam mô a Di Đà Phật
Nam mô a Di Đà Phật
Nam mô a Di Đà Phật
Nam mô a Di Đà Phật

Author — Văn Đấu Nguyễn


I just saw science trying to predict chaos. I was not impressed. Now how bout you preach about Sodom buring in a sea of Gomorrah.

Author — Sammy Bear


I know what time will be no more disasters (all) then after all people in the world convert to Jesus Christ not to allah because Jesus Christ don't like allah and killing and all bad things so all people in the world convert to Jesus Christ, pray to God who is in heaven in Jesus name and repent to Jesus Christ AMEN

Author — Sven Carni


Jo Vida Su a TuErkEi Et Turkya AI EI. HEI DAWEI.

Author — Hans Oellers


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