Hurricane Michael in Marianna, Florida - 10/10/2018

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***Not for broadcast without permission*** This is my unedited video of the passage of Hurricane Michael moving through Marianna, Florida Wednesday afternoon, October 10, 2018.

By approximately 1 p.m., hurricane force wind gusts had begun in southeastern Marianna. I took video and some still photos as Hurricane Michael passed directly overhead between 1 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. The eye passed directly over my location at the America's Best Value Inn, 2086 Florida Highway 71, between 3:00 and 3:30 p.m. Based on my observation from the surface and looking at radar images that were later sent by friends, it appeared the center of the eye of Michael passed over around 3:15 p.m.

Because my phone battery was weak, power was out, and my phone signal was weak, I turned off cellular service and took as much video as I could of the storm. The most impressive things I noticed were the length of time the winds were sustained at hurricane strength and the manner in which they relentlessly ramped up. The best way I could describe it is that winds ramped up to a certain "plateau" speed. Then a higher gust would move in (you could usually hear and see the higher gusts and heavier rain sheets coming before they arrived). The winds would again plateau at this higher level until the next gust approached and an even higher plateau was reached. This process repeated itself from about 1:40 p.m. until the eye arrived at approximately 3 p.m.

The approach of the eye was clear to see. I was without radar data so I was relying on extrapolating what I saw previously on radar and what I was observing. In the minutes before the eye approached, precipitation intensity decreased, although the winds remained high. I observed a lighter sky appearing on the horizon behind the darker clouds. As the rain and wind decreased rapidly, it became obvious that we were in the eye. People started walking around. Birds started flying. Since my battery was down to about 15 percent on my phone, I quickly walked to my car and tried to charge the phone. I received a few texts with radar images sent by friends. Those images confirmed what I observed regarding the eye. By the time the eye reached Marianna, it had filled in with cloud cover, but the rain and wind stopped, temporarily.

While in my car, I thought about what would happen after the eye passed. Winds would resume rapidly and come from the opposite direction, the west. The northern eye wall had produced considerable damage. Numerous trees were snapped off and uprooted. Parts of the hotel were removed and scattered about, along with other debris. There was a metal portable carport that had been blown into a position just west of my car. I decided to move my car, which proved later to be a good move! The winds from the southern eye wall came out of the west and blew that metal carport exactly where my car had been parked.

At about 3:30, the southern eye wall arrived. As expected, high winds arrived quite suddenly. Despite the fact I was aware this would happen, during the short time it took me to get from my car back to the hotel, I was hit by a small piece of debris on my leg. The southern eye wall was intense, but not as intense as the northern eye wall. Despite the lower intensity it was probably more dangerous. All of the debris that had been broken loose from the northern eye wall was now being blown back to the east by the southern eye wall. All of the people at the hotel who were initially excited by the extreme winds evidently grew tired of watching it. During the northern eye wall there were dozens out of their rooms watching the storm from their doorways, the walkway or the breezeway. By the arrival of the second eye wall, I believe I was the only one still watching.

By about 5:00, winds were still very strong, but I found a brief time window when I could make a dash for my car. I was soaking wet. My phone had lost power, so I took a few minutes to start the phone charging, eat a snack, and prepare to (hopefully) leave. My goal was to get all the way back to Alabaster, Alabama, but I didn't know exactly what obstacles I would face.

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100+ mph winds 50 miles inland from the landfall point. Michael's high intensity at landfall, coupled with its quick forward speed allowed it to spread sustained hurricane force winds well into Georgia. Incredible video. May I ask, how bad was the damage around town? Particularly to structures, excluding damage from fallen trees.

Author — Brett.storm12weather


I was about 25 miles to your southeast and we didn't get the pause of the eye, just incredible SSW winds that became westerly in the evening. Will never forget that strong smell of pine from all of the trees. Some people got themselves into real-world trouble driving that night rather than waiting for crews to clear a safe path. I am glad you were okay. Gators Rule Bama Droolz.

Author — Amelia V. Norman


Crazy I was in St Andrews during the storm couldnt see anything out of a window like a pressure washer the sound was roaring and deafening my whole house was shaking but thank God were all alive!!! 💛💛💛💛

Author — atlflgirl


We spend a week in SGI each year, and usually drive through Mexico Beach one day of our trip. I cannot believe how long it took to get aid or classify this as a Cat 5. God bless the forgotten coast. This was such an insane storm.

Author — Marley Smith


Simply fascinating video, thanks for taking the time to capture this record setting storm.

Author — Dean Manning


Awesome video, thanks for sharing this!
That was catastrophic!

Author — Alexander K.


I lived all over Jackson and Bay County, I love this place. This storm was a a beautiful creation. It is just sad on how it has to effect all of us that live here. Eight months later and we are sti rebuilding. My neighbors. are now getting a new roof. Time to start from scratch. #850STRONG❤❤

Author — Turnz


We are visiting Marianna now (Beautiful town) and I have been hearing stories of this hurricane. This video footage is crazy! Shows how quickly it came and destroyed things before moving out.

Author — Sarah Sutherland


35:58 crazy how quick wind can intensify wow

Author — Wingman46


I've been through a couple of these being that I live in New Orleans..I am starting to shake and my heart is beating fast just watching your video !!.LOL..I just don't loose the anxiety even if I'm not in the storm. I had to turn the sound off to watch the rest. Haha. Glad ya'll are alright..Love and prayers from New Orleans..😊😎

Author — Marjory Armstrong


At least 150 mph wind gusts at the height. Wow! The best inland wind event I have ever watched!!

Author — RDC Tarantula


Live about 12 miles east of this location. Scariest day of my 49 years. Thanks for sharing this!!

Author — Mr Traumaboyy


Thanks for posting I was 20 miles south of Marianna during the storm and have been searching for video near us.

Author — momonridgetop


Storm content is my favorite keep up the good work my dude

Author — Christian M


RIP Mr Wilhelm (the creator of this channel). He passed away unexpectedly in Nov. 2019.

Author — Julie G


Looks like a little light rain with some moderate to breezy conditions. Perfect golfing weather

Author — Thomas Kirkland


Thank you for your great footage on Michael I have shared it with my friends in Southwest Florida that are new to the area hopefully we can save some lives in 2019 peace be with you and your family and a quiet 19 hurricane season thank you again.

Author — Louisa Naylor


1.5 miles from my house, still amazing to watch.

Author — Jacob Walker


Definitely one of the craziest storms I've ever watched hitting US soil, damn.. I just wish I had been there to witness it in person lol.. I know that sounds crazy, but I can't help but find storms like this fascinating as hell..

Author — LouisianaCoullion1990


You have made a very good video your narration was good you kept his informed of the time too. Your comments are appreciated no foul language and no unnecessary drama when things did get exciting! Great Job.😁🛫

Author — TheFalconJetDriver