Mark Cuban: How I Became a Billionaire

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Bloomberg Game Changers profiles Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban. See how Cuban spun his love of basketball into a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

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Author — Bloomberg Quicktake


Making millions is easy.

Earning $1 billion is just becoming a millionaire 1000 times!

Author — Daniel Ally


"Mark Cuban: How I became a billionaire"

Not interviewed for the story: Mark Cuban.

Author — sho942000


So Mark Cuban stole the idea of AudioNet just as Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea of Facebook.

The Lesson: Dont pitch your business idea to a Mark.

Author — huzar237


How is Brian his little brother when he looks 20 years older than Mark lmao..

Author — VazzyCow


How I became a billionaire: I had a company with $13m in revenue and Yahoo paid $5.7b for it!

Author — arrowmouse


This is great for beginners. It’s time we let our money work for us as much as we work for it. Appreciate the video.

Author — Sandra Neha


*Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains the priority.The stock market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payout, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works*



Those who are saying Elon Musk is better have to realize that this isn't a popularity contest. If you want to be successful, you have to learn from ALL great people, not just one. EVERYONE has something we can learn.

Author — LearningREADefined


Mark Cuban - " In football you play 60 minutes, in basketball 48 minutes but in business it's 24/7/365 and the whole world is trying to kick your ass."
*WOW !* 👏👏👏

Author — Aditya Shukla


build a company and got lucky that tech was so massively overvalued when he sold out. His company no longer exists in any form, so he pretty much got paid billions for something that turned out to be worthless.

Author — mrakun


"I dressed up in a suit and tie. We sat on the floor and watched basketball for 4-5 hours.. I think we ate coco puffs and dorito's .." lmfao

Author — Michael P


His hair is a different color in every video-- and for that reason, I'm out.

Author — SeeburgMusic


I've never understood how Yahoo could be so big when no one is using it

Author — MineCrafterCity


Cuban is humble enough to admit luck and timing play a huge role. Persistence, attitude, vision and 100 hour weeks are always prerequisites however.

Author — Mike Starks


5:19: "My brother, who I will always talk up because I need his handouts, hired me, a trained lawyer, as a stock boy. Oh, gosh, bless him!"

Author — ShmooieLowenstein


“Mark Cuban got in at the beginning of the internet boom”.
There you have it lol.

Author — Sixten Rasmussen


He is rich bc of his drive,
He is a billionaire from luck

Author — nin ninn


I once knew a woman who made her husband millionaire. Unfortunately he was billionaire before.

Author — Mahadragon


I seen his brother on CG kid and he's inspiring AF

Author — YE_SHIFTY