Russian foreign minister warns NATO risks 'World War III' with weapons shipment to Ukraine

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Russia's top diplomat warned Ukraine against provoking a third world war and said the threat of a nuclear conflict 'should not be underestimated.'

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The saddest thing about this is knowing that both most Russian people and most people of Ukraine want nothing to do with this. It's just the government systems 🙏🏽 😣 🙏🏽

Author — C'Mon Man


2019 was the last decent year in my life :D

Author — Antoine Lachapelle


“If you're in a rubber dinghy in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and you don’t get along with the person
sitting on the opposite side of you, you certainly don't poke a hole at his end of the dinghy to fix him” —
Helen Caldicott, Nuclear Madness

Author — HQ Blues Mike Legare


If you ever feel helpless and useless in life,

remember the UN exist.

Author — Jester Maguslog


They’ve been shipping weapons for two months now. What’s Russia really going to do when they can’t handle a conflict next door?

Author — The Model Guy


Whatever they have a problem with is exactly what needs to keep happening... more even!

Author — K.


War? With what Army? Russia has shown it's all talk, the only thing it can threaten with is nukes, but even then a counter-threat with more nukes is on the table which makes them in a weaker position that they truly despise.

Author — dra6o0n


They cant beat Ukraine, not gonna have much chance against NATO

Author — Nooo Name


So start a war and than threaten nukes when you are losing. I hope Russia loses big time with all the help we are giving Ukraine.

Author — m4a375mm


This will not be the first war that an early settlement would benefit both sides.

Author — Pat Cattin


the best and instant solution to end this war is to have the hand of US and NATO to back off . war will end instantly when Russia feels nato's threat no longer exist

Author — edwin 2008


It's Russian aggression that is risking WW III, to relax tensions all Russia has to do is call a ceasefire and seriously negotiate a resolution to the war in Ukraine it started. And place its strategic weapons forces back on standby.

Author — Doug Coombes


The narcissist will always accuse the other person with facts he does to others himself. He just reverses the roles.

Author — Natures Garlands


Threats of nuclear war should be ignored or it will never stop. These leaders should understand the value of nukes.

Author — Glenn Gray


This woman can’t even pronounce the word “nuclear “ how am I supposed to take anything she says serious?

Author — crime_wav corp


Lavrov can choose to stop the war by retreating the army back to Russia.

Author — C K S


I don't get why NATO sending weapons to Ukraine is a big deal, it's classic cold war tactics. NATO did the same thing when Russia invaded Afghanistan. Russia did the same thing when US invaded Vietnam. There as no threat of nuclear war then, so why now?

Author — Blankyfang


When Russia constantly keeps threating WWIII, its easy to see who the real villains are.

Author — Fallen Monk


(3:30 mins) When Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says the possibility of WW III is REAL…

In other words, Russia is regurgitating CCP’s disinformation about the distorted historical truth of the Korean War with intimidation, both willingly and intentionally - by changing and swapping the culprit of the Russian-Ukrainian war today.

In any case, the reality therefore is, that the world keeps facing and dealing with the same question and issue:

Would those despotic regimes with nuclear bombs be able to hijack and ransack humanity and commit atrocities to others, while the world continues to condone and stand by?

Author — Peter Msk


We need to take the gloves off and just get this done. Allow volunteer soldiers just like russia has.

Author — sonichuizcool