Snowstorm traps thousands in Greece and Turkey, some flights resume at Istanbul airport | World News

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The Istanbul airport welcomed its first flight in almost 24 hours as snow continues to pummel Turkey and its western Mediterranean neighbor Greece. In turkey heavy snowfall clogged roads and stranded thousands of people, this snowfall which began late last week has picked up over the past days. The winter's first snow created a jovial atmosphere across the squares where children built snowmen and tourists posed for pictures.

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For those wondering if there is normally snow falling in Greece. Yes there is always snow in Greece, but normally not covering the whole country. Greece is 80% mountains, one of the top 2 most mountainous nations in Europe with 20% of all of Europe's Ultra peak mountains lying in Greece. So these regions usually gets a lot of snow (8 meters of snow can be common in the mountains). On the NASA world map live data you can sea that Greece had snow all over it's mountains throughout the country in beginning of december already. So Greece has 2 months of snow now. Just not in the lowlands at the sea. And the more south you go in Greece, the less the propability is to find snow in the lowlands. Also. Greece's most southern spot in Crete with 5 mountain ranges also always has snow in the winter. The most southern spot in Europe to ski and eat heavenly food at the end of the day

Author — Ptolemy336VV


Wow. Isn't this an odd occurence for the Med? Hope they had enough fuel to keep warm! The electric vehicles would no doubt be an eye opener about being stuck for many hours. Something EV owners here in the US are discovering.

Author — Bob DePlachett


Russia and Canada decided to share some winter snow ❄️ unprecedented? Lol probably not... BlessUp INDIA 🇮🇳 and Wion

Author — J2B aka ChampionBwoy🏆


Do these places normally not get snow? I'm from CANADA wow thanks capslock!! The snow banks here are around 6ft right now in Ontario

Author — chris roberts


Some people think too much snow as blessing .

Author — Hanaa Shaba


All the snow are disappearing in Norway, so you're welcome...
But since we are prepared we would love to trade, heavy constant rain in exchange for the snow :)

Author — Kay


I'm french speaker and the translation they wrote about what that passenger going to Paris was saying makes no sense. He's just saying he's been having hard time to reach the airport authority until now and that he hopes to be fortunate enough to get a new fly by tomorrow. Like, he never mentions sleeping miserably on the floor ^^''

Author — Trist Ambre


Any comment from Greta? Most countries would welcome higher temperatures at the moment.

Author — A G


Please Keep
The Murree Incident In Mind.

Author — Shahzada Zulfiqar


*"И будут знамения в солнце и луне и звёздах, а на земле уныние народов и недоумение ... люди будут издыхать от страха и ожидания бедствий, грядущих на вселенную, ибо силы небесные поколеблются, и тогда увидят СЫНА ЧЕЛОВЕЧЕСКОГО, грядущего на облаке с силою и славою великою. Когда же начнёт это сбываться, тогда поднимите головы ваши, потому что приближается избавление ваше".*
*ЛУКИ, **21:25**-28*

Author — ꧁ ดriខhด *


Matt.24.20. but pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the Sabbath day. John.14.6. I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to the father but by me.

Author — Theresa Girtell


Is she supposed to be speaking English?

Author — Margaret Edwards


John 14: 6
6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the away, the truth, and the life: no man
cometh unto the Father, but by me. Jesus Christ is telling us that He
and He alone is the WAY to the FATHER, REPENT Believe in the life
death & resurrection of Christ, Believe with all your heart that Jesus
died for your sins, was buried and was RAISED to life again by the
Father in Heaven, & is seated at the right hand of GOD, Call upon His
Holy name, confess your sins, be born again in Christ and be SAVED.

Author — Roslyn Janke