What It's Like Inside a School Shooting Drill

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Some parents became angry when their children were terrified during a Florida middle school's drill.

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anyone else's worst fear for these being in the bathroom while it happens

Author — Nadlin Riche


My old school had a “Drill” it went on for 2 hours and a half. To this day I dont think it was a drill. Edit: I’ve come to think that they didn’t tell us it wasn’t a drill so we wouldn’t freak out-

Author — *Tobio kageyama*


All fun and games until the quiet kid says “I’ve always wanted to play Call Of Duty in real life”

Author — N1C0


Teachers during COVID: “ if they enter the room cough like you have COVID and don’t stop

Author — Hailey 987


the colombine teacher looked so bad ass when she was fighting the 220 lbs pretend shooter lmao

Author — Nayia


If I hear a gunshot in my school, I would be outta there faster than my grades are going dropping.

Author — willshealy556


In America we do this but we like to take out the “practice” part when we practice

Author — Mocha


One of my teachers said that if we had a shooting, we’d actually have an escape route and jump in his truck and vamoose. he was awesome

Author — Reubzzz72


During a drill in 4th grade, my classmates were acting like there was a comedian in the room telling jokes and that it is a casual time without a teacher

Author — Mrs Ackerman


Those teachers: gonna kill the intruder
My teacher: jumps out the window
Edit: wow, thanks for the likes guys

Author — Makes No Mistakes


I don't understand how huddling up in a corner helps. I've always wondered.

Author — iRaccoon


Every kid in other schools: I’ll stay quiet so we don’t die

Kids in my school: playing on phones (MAX VOLUME)

Author — Natron Gaming


Seeing that shooting survivor take down that dude is so crazy ~ it’s a full circle moment where she can let out her anger it’s kinda boss

Author — Emma Lilla


“The safety and well being of our kids is our top priority”

Proceeds to throw balls at the shooter

Author — Lamb_sauce.e


Every day, I wake up feeling good and grateful that my family didn't move to America.

Author — Ittihad ghamass


I live in Australia and we had a REAL 7 hour lock down because there was A COW ON THE OVAL

Author — Glen Anderson


I was in a school shooting once and we all thought it was a drill until after it happened and the teachers told us it was actually real. We were on the top floor and idk what happened but I think the shooter only went on the first floor. And didn’t shoot anyone. It was super weird

Author — Yaretzi Neri


Imagine being at work and getting a text from your kid saying: "mom there's a shooter at school" and getting a FREAKING ticket going 100 mph to kick the shooters butt

Author — CløudyCupcake


And that’s why I live in Australia I feel so bad for the people in these countries that are just messsed up

Author — Victoria candlegarden


I’m currently in middle school and we’ve had very very close calls with lockdowns. So buckle in folks because I have two stories and there going to be wild.

Story #1: murderous math class

So I was in math class, I didn’t really like my math class because I was plopped with all of the popular boy and girls that were loud and disrespectful and picked on me a lot, but that’s a different story. So it was a double block of math (a double period). We had a sub in math class that looked like he was a former military drill sergeant, he was tough but always very respectful and polite. So it’s a double block of math and the first period is over and almost everyone goes out into the hall. I stay in the class with this one other kid. I’m just doodling and he’s on his phone when suddenly I hear the automated lockdown message on the loud speakers. We had a lot of surprise lockdown drills so at first I wasn’t scared at all. Until I heard my resource teacher and my science teacher, who are very tough and never yell at all, I hear them screaming at the top of their lungs, “get into a classroom! Get into a f*cling classroom!!” All of a sudden I see two girls running into my classroom along with my teacher as kids in the hall scream and scatter. My teacher locks the door and we all huddle up in the far right corner of the room. I thought I was trapped because I was up on the third floor of the school. So I begin to text my mom and everyone I know telling them I’m in a lockdown. After that I put my phone on sleep mode so it wouldn’t go off. I begin to ball up keeping my head and protecting my vital organs and I’m telling the other kids too as well. I begin thinking if the gun man comes into my classroom he’s going to shoot my teacher who’s on the far right side of the corner and then he’s going to go for the easiest targets. Mean while I’m on the far left side of the corner in view of the door. I’m thinking I have to get this kids out and I’m thinking I’m going to die. I wait another 5 minutes and I hear the door jiggle and the announcements come on it’s the police. After that I just ultimately broke down in tears having a full on panic attack I begin to go down to my social workers office and I’m balling my eyes out.

Author — Nobody Singer