Do modern Russian Air Forces have a big problem?

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This video goes in depth on the current state of the Russian air force and Naval aviation, focusing on the combat plane portion. What issues plague them, both in equipment and personnel matters? And how does it compare to the US air forces in overall capability?

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I enjoy the US vs Russian jets debates in the comments. It reminds me of the "My dad could beat up your dad" discussions in kindergarten. 😀

Author — Viktor Gus


After all these episodes I still find it bonkers how much military inventory of even the most secretive nations have somehow made it into public domain.

Author — S D


Imagine when a war actually happens and it turns out every major country has secret alien level weapons

Author — ethan brinkman


Binkov secretly a 10 star military general. Everyone come to him for advice.

Author — Suvam kumar Sarangi


The plane procurement rate looks very similar to the oil price graph. As the oil price plummeted, so did the procurement rate.

Author — Gordon Freeman


The biggest struggle for the Russian Air Force remains engine technology. They still burn more fuel and have lower Time between overhaul than western design engines. Makes support more difficult.

Author — Chris Smith


Hope this doesn't get into someone's head like Hitler said "Kick in the door and the whole structure comes crushing down". Someone may get hurt.

Author — ofwono richard


They've always played the slow game in military procurement. All trends show an incremental improvement over time with technology and procurement. Given the fact they had to rebuild their military industrial complexes after the collapse of the soviet union and 10 years of atrophy thereafter, i think they are doing quite well. It may take them longer to get there, but the end result will be a more sustainable and lean air-force. A few hundred Su-57s, Dense Air defense networks, Obthonik Drones and PAK-DA/Tu 160m2 will be a formidable force capable of holding its own in any regional conflict. The nuclear traid will prevent any overwhelming attack. Never underestimate your adversary.

Author — Simeon Jankovic


Whatever the case i always dug the russian jet design. Modern while retaining that streamlined, severe soviet look.

Author — hope dies


I still love how earnest it is I get geopolitical military Information from a furry little kommisar. 💙 Binkov always feels like he’s giving a fun briefing.

Author — Joe 💈


Russia may not have the best Air Force but it sure has some of the prettiest planes in the air.

Author — John Mclaurin


Regardless of numbers or tactical capabilities, the Russians can come up with some really stylish paint schemes for demo aircraft.

Author — Richard Kirka


Do this video for Germany, turkey, Japan, SK, france, UK and some others. This is just as interesting as nations fighting it out which you haven’t done in a while

Author — Bigman


Thanks for the video. It's expensive to keep Russia defended when the annual BNP is less than Italy. Or half of Germany. But one could prioritize different I guess.

Author — R3D


But look at those _SICK_ paint schemes though!

Author — MoppyPuppy


Hey Binkov! Could you do a video discussing how the use of nuclear weapons as EMP devices could alter military strategies? Thanks!

Author — Aedan S-R


Commissar Binkov - British Royal Navy Vs French Fishing Fleet battle scenario please 🎣🎣

Author — Jason Bennett


Can you please do a similar analysis of other airforces as well. Indian, UK, France China etc.

Author — Prabhanjan Kulkarni


I had no idea the situation was so bad.

Author — fridgemagnett


You can see where this is all going. UAVs and advanced ground-to-air anti-aircraft missiles, something we have seen playing out in practice.

Author — Alex462047