Why was Turkey Neutral in WW2?

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Why was Turkey Neutral in WW2?

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♦Narrated by: Callum Janes
♦Script and research: Skylar J.Gordon

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Turkey : Win a war by being neutral
Switzerland : Wait, this is illegal

Author — Doğukan YEL


British: Join us Turkey
Turkey: *Flashback* (Arabian Revolution)
Germany: Hey long partner, wanna join?
Turkey: *flashback* (losing their empire)

Author — Jeffry Alfarizy


Germany: Hey bro wanna come again?
Turkey: Last time you said that! I lost my entire empire and had to fight the entente even after the war.

Author — Mirza Hamza Baig


Germany : invades half of Europe


Author — NEGAN


*Turkey joins the war days before it ends*
Inonu and the gang : We did it boys, war is no more.

Author — Jackie


Germany: *dying*
Turkey: *declares war*
Germany: *dies*
Turkey: Looks like my job here is done.

Author — Gabriel Pineda


Germany: *is about to lose*


Author — Nestor Gorospe


Turkey's neutrality helped many jews to save their lives. They opened institutes, choirs in turkey and their science people worked alongside ours

Author — Emre Yıldız


During the war, the bread distributed was limited and people had to wait in lines with papers in Turkey. It is said a young man in the line told the Pasha, "my Pasha, you have left us without breads!" angrily, So Ismet Pasha replied him "Yes, I left you without breads, but not without fathers."
The conditions were bad, but anything was way better than going to war. I salute you my Pasha!

Author — Von Clausewitz


Switzerland: Turkey want some of my popcorn? :D

Author — yoloo


Turkey, Switzerland and Sweden are real winners of the World War 2.

Author — Bilgin Başaran


War is almost over,
Joins the War,
My work here is done!

Author — aaron2x4


Germany: We're about to lose!

Turkey: I'm going to end this guy's whole career!

Author — Xavier


Germany: *loosing*
Turkey: hmmm *declar wars and doing nothing*
Germany: *died*
Turkey: PHEW! That was a hard work

Author — SomeUniqueName Korlel


07:53 they weren't worried because they had Batman

Author — koko P.


Wasn't Turkey geographically very important to the Germans? As the Turkish border was just 300km away from Baku, where the main supply of Soviet oil came from. Striking Baku quickly through Turkey would have made a big difference in Soviet and German war effort if the Turks joined the Axis side.

Author — Volksbeweging Dietsland


West: Nazi, Italy
East: USSR
South: UK France America

Turkey: imagine I'm solo in this war

Author — Pal From Steppe


Long live Ismet Pasha, you saved our country from any unnecessary bloodshed. One of my grandgrandfather were fought at Yemen under Ottoman banner, when our army lost the battle against the enemy, he was taken as prisoner of war and after 15 year of suffering he turned his country. One of my grandgrandfather lost his life at the defence of Palestine, also he was fought at battle of Gallipoli and Megiddo. My grandfather he was born and raised without father and he was fought many battles under your command. We are the sons of them, who fought against enemy for defence of motherland, we fought many, lost many lives, we suffered, but never turned ourselves back. From my perspective, neutrality policy saved millions life. Thats why, as a Turk, always grateful to ones who fought for independence like you.

Author — Roma Invicta


sevr haritasını gördükce kurtuluş savaşını yapanların ellerini öpesim geliyor ... allah razı olsun yigitler

Author — fuat öztürk


Turkey played the game well. They profited enormously from the neutrality and their patience.

Author — Grand Admiral Zaarin