Ukraine latest: Russia warns threat of WWIII is real

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Russia is warning that the threat of World War III is real, if the West continues to provide weapons to Ukraine amid the ongoing violence. Here's the latest.

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Considering how well Russia is doing against Ukraine alone, I'm not sure how really enthusiastic they are about engaging all of NATO.

Author — Waltham1892


Feels like WW3 already started, every nation has picked what side it’s on, weapons are being sent, prices rise as we stop financing the enemy; same as the beginning of WW2.

Author — Jess Romancier


“I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” – Albert Einstein.
there are no winners in WWIII, only survivors.

Author — S Drake


This situation was inevitable. At some point, a country with nukes was going to try using them as a threat while going on the offensive, rather than a deterrent. You cannot just roll over and let them do what they feel like because they keep waving the "lol we have nukes what are you going to do?" flag. At this point, we have to hope that our missile defenses have been kept up-to-date, and have the idea that if they launch even one, every other country is going to strike back so hard and so fast that they don't have time to react.

Author — Weebhut Jr


It’s not “Russia warns of threat”

.. it’s “Russia makes threat of WWIII”

Author — Ryan Blake


Clearly, there has to be something more than just protecting Ukraine that is at stake here. Foreign policies are based on 'interests', not 'principles' which merely tend to be fig leaves.

Author — missRaya


History is oddly repeating itself. We've skipped this century's version of the "Roaring 20's" and went straight to the great depression and into another World War.

Author — DJC


Ever since Russia started losing the special military operation in the Ukraine their
behavior has become more and more irrational. Killing pregnant women,
handicapped people, elderly, little children, and lately even Holocaust
survivors to name a few. The Russians soldiers are now even sending videos

and asking for a ransom as the ISIS terrorists used to do, making them ever so
unpopular around the world to say the least.

The History of Russia, once fascinating, intriguing, and inspiring, all at
the same time, has come to a dark chapter. Once famous for its cultural
contributions like; art, ballet, Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky, caviar and the almighty
vodka, now includes genocide.

And again today the Kremlin threatened the whole world with a nuclear war.
Russian TV hosts even made fun of destroying New York with a
nuclear ballistic
missile with their hateful comments. This of course is a total lack of respect
to the 193 countries that are member states of the United Nations. This is a
total lack of respect to humankind in general.

Author — Adrian ten Cate


russia has to reiterate their threats to make sure we’re hearing them on account of how little its working on scaring us 😭😭

Author — skate and create


As an American: At one time i hopped Putin was following in Gorbachev's foot steps in making the world safer from nuclear war ....but now he has chosen to follow in Hitler's foot steps and will go down in history as the man that started I am totally disappointed and affraid 4 the world, both East and West!

Author — Trenchant Sometimes


You know what a coward does when they’re losing? They self destruct.

Author — Tim LS


Russia can't even defeat ukraine and they're thinking about ww3

Author — Oscar Guevara


Russia the aggressor has failed to come to terms with its own folly. The severe nature of its actions has resulted in eternal and permanent *condemnation* from the entire civilized world. And it can do absolutely *nothing* to regain any respect and acceptance from others. All it can do is to dig itself even deeper into this *dire* predicament.

Author — Bill SS


Russia: Attacks Ukraine
The world: We will help Ukraine defend itself from the russian attack
Russia: And I took that personally

Author — Infarlock


0:59 "The risk of WW3 is real."
Russia is struggling to do ANYTHING in Ukraine. How can Russia possibly fight any other country at the same time? It's not logical.
Russia is dying by its own hand.

Author — Michael Turner


Well, then that means Russia needs to leave Ukraine immediately to reduce the threat of "Nuclear War."

Author — Michael Hotaling


Putin keeps threatening with that for some time now. He knows that he has lost credibility and respect. He is like a toddler in a store when he doesn't get candy. The only thing missing is him hitting the floor and kicking and screaming. He needs to get over himself.

Author — Christine Colon


That Russian table is still hilarious.

Author — Alex


The world’s third-largest, inherited from the collapsed Soviet Union nuclear arsenal of Ukraine was relinquish for decommissioning under the Budapest agreement an agreed upon by all major countries.Ukraine agreed enabled Ukraine to join the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) as a non-nuclear state. The US and UK agreed to support Ukraine in the event of invasion. They are merely keeping to their agreement.

Author — Stephan Bilun


Russia: We will start WW3 and nuclear war.
World: We know. You’ve been saying that for ages and we’ve quit worrying about it.

Author — ThePinkBinks