The Secret War: When Israel fought the Soviet Union

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This video deals with an often overlooked episode in history, when Soviet union pilots and SAM system crews fought the Israeli pilots. It happened in Egypt, during the War of Attrition between Israel and Egypt. How did it all start, how it escalated and what was the outcome? Watch the video to find out!

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MIG-21 Egypt - SSGT Bill Thompson / Public domain
QF-4 Holloman AFB - USAF / Public domain

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US: Hey Isreal I got some weapons I want you to try out.

USSR: Hey Egypt I got some weapons I want you to try out.

Author — GFX


I always laugh when people bring up the United States support for Israel being the reason they survive. While Israel’s enemies used and still use Russian money and arms.

Author — Uncle Sam


Russians are tough and a superpower, but outclassing the israelis has proven to be nearly impossible.

Author — Josh Flügel


Flat earthers: we are the most controversial topic on the web
Israel: hold my beer

Author — Ofri Kirshen


Honestly I'm quite stunned by how many people are posting apeshit nerdrage comments seemingly without even watching the video first...

Author — Tal


🇺🇸 "We know nothing. Honestly."
🇷🇺 "Agreed"

Author — TypicalKansan98


Israel didn't launch a surprise attack on Jordan. Jordan attacked Israel after Israel launched surprise attacks against Syria and Egypt, despite Israeli warnings not to join the war.

Author — JD Mussel


This is absolutely quality work. I have read books about this war and this guy must have dug into the nuances and connected strings even amid inadequacies in some crucial information regarding the war. Information is the first victim in any war. so getting accurate & reliable details is impossible but good work. That's why it has 17k likes in two months

Author — Tactical Huddy


Wouldn’t call it a soviet Israel war. It was Egypt With soviet help vs Israel. And it was more like a battle.

Author — It doesn’t matter What your name is


Jordan was mostly Palestine before the British created Jordan. The British & the French have a lot of blood on their hands over the Middle East!!!

Author — Heather Davie


Don't believe the Egyptian/Soviet claims of shooting down Israeli planes, they also claimed to have defeated and taken over Tel Aviv during the beginning of the 1967 war! BTW I know the person who was the one who interrogated the captured Soviet pilots.

Author — MrBigblue413


You forgot to mention that Egypt, Syria, Jordan and others began mobilizing their troops for an invasion of Israel while Arab leaders called for Israel's total destruction. Knowing this Israel decided to strike first.

Author — Rob Hicks


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Author — William Adams


David hitting Goliath is fascinating af

Author — Shark !


I really like how this is a history-focused episode, I would love to see more future episodes like this

Author — Erick Euler


It's interesting that the narrative starts with Israel's "sneak attack" in the 1967 6-Day war. As opposed to starting with Nasser's coordination of an Arab "sneak attack" on Israel at the same time.

Author — Karlos TJ


What the Israelis did during the Six Day War was nothing short of incredible, militarily speaking. If your a student of military history, this is well worth studying.

Author — Bob Stadelmayer


Can't fight the Israelis there too smart, history has shown how good they are, arabs need to accept it

Author — lib gapper


No clear winner??? Bruh Israel lost far less by all accounts even by the accounts of the Egyptians and Soviets.

Author — Biobele


Face the facts, Israel held its line in this particular sub-conflict. Egyptians/Arabs had to amp up their wah-wah-wah to the Soviets. Just like they did after the six-day war, and again when they were having head-and-butt handed to them in the last days of the Yom Kippur war later on. Arabs could not take on Israel combined on their own without big-brother Sovs casting their shadow over the situation.

Author — H.R. Holm