9 Things To Do On Sunday For Your Finances | Clever Girl Finance

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Let's talk about Sunday prep and planning for the week ahead! By planning ahead, you can curb some of the stress that makes you dread your week. In this video, I go over 9 things you can do each week to help keep your finances, life, and mental health balanced!

What are some things you do for your finances each week? Leave a comment below!


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What are some things you do to prepare for each week? Share below! Thanks for tuning in!

Author — Clever Girl Finance


1. Budget for the week
2. Meal Prep
3. Schedule bill payments
4. Check transactions from last week
5. Restock Essentials
6. Tidy your home
7. Make/review to do list
8. Set goals/ track progress/ break down big goals into small chunks
9, Decompress for week ahead (self care/ recovery)

Author — Rachel A


I do all these things on Sundays, too! It is my way to re-set for the upcoming week. I also like to plan out what I am going to wear to work each day in the upcoming week. This saves me time in the mornings!

Author — I am Jane


Thank you! Great tips! I love making sure that I am well rested before the start of the week.

Author — Ronnie Wisdom


Hi Bola, I'm building the habit of verifying my account every morning. Thanks for the great tips

Author — Helter Skelter


Thank you for the bonus self-care tips! Meal planning saves me a load of time. I appreciate the reminder to celebrate our wins. TFS

Author — Oneofhis2


Love this! Def grocery shop on Sundays. I’ll try the meal prep route. That was a good point about ordering food later on wasn’t a part of the budget. 🙆🏾‍♀️🤭

Author — Ruth Jean-Marie


Update my budget, reset my short, mid, and long term financial goals :)

Author — Kristin Elliot


I definitely check my accounts every day to keep on top of things! I also go grocery shopping and meal plan on Sundays most of the time and it saves me time and money during the week

Author — Brianna Dau - she, her, hers


Thank you for the video, these are great tips! I always like to paint my nails on Sunday afternoons. It’s calming and helps me feel more put-together for the week ahead.

Author — Maria Castello


I did a few of these and Im proud of myself! Thanks for the tips

Author — KB


Loved these tips, thanks for sharing!

Author — Sara S


These tips are great! Thank you so much for this

Author — Kimberly Echeverria


Thank you for another great video. I track all my spending each day and at least once a week like to review it to see how I did. I’m very intentional with the way I spend my money.

Author — Mary Ann Rogers


Hi! I love your plant in the background, what kind of flower is it? 😍

Author — Angelica Mendoza


What a helpful video, thanks so much for your wisdom! I appreciate tips on improving my life that are based on sound principles and practical application, which you nailed in this video! I am becoming more conscious of how I spend my time, where to conserve energy, and how to spend less time doing and a bit more time being. Not always so comfortable emotionally but I am doing my best to lean in rather than run. Thanks again xo

Author — Katie Hope Mulligan