North Korea vs South Korea (2017)

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If no other countries meddle, whose military would come on top in this match-up? How would it all unravel? Does quality really beat quantity? Watch and find out!

Music by Matija Malatestinic

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💬 Comments on the video

“What if us forces just left?”

Kurds: “first time?”

Author — Braycali


I love how there’s a category just labelled ‘hopeless’

Author — G


North and South Korea, shortly after the DMZ is established:
“Sir that area is demilitarized.”
“How about, we militarize the area around it!”

Author — PilotList


6:52 "with nukes, this scenario goes even more fantastic" - Binkov 2017

Author — Massine Ben


I like how you put in "hopeless" on those J5 and migs XD

Author — Lisza


I think the north Korean strategy is mass civilian casulities with chemical and bioweapons lnto border cities like Seoul. The military has no chance of taking on the south In open combat so that is what leads me to this thinking

Author — bob laryson


Nuclear attack:

UN: That's illegal
US: That's illegal
Every single nation: *wAnT my tRoOPs?*

Author — Lindot with akei


North Korea can never win.
Civilian causalities are the only concerning number to watch.

Author — Memebyerin


Canada: Did You Win?
South Korea: Yeah!
Canada: What did it cost?
South Korea: Nothing, Because I kicked him in the tooshie!

Author — Lilly Kim


There's a terrifying quote I took from someone, "When you have more soldiers than the enemy's munitions.".

Author — Talis Dorman.


_Did you win the war?_
South korea: yes.
_What did it cost?_
South korea: North korea shred my cities down to its last atom.

Author — ico


I want to claim South Korea's victory as a Korean citizen, but the nuclear bomb is always a problem.
This is because the North Korean dictator will explode without hesitation when he thinks that it is time to use it, that is, when he thinks that his own power has reached its end of life.

Author — 청솔향


binkov: “marginal north korean victory”

me who lives in seoul: “fk”

Author — Master


One problem with this analysis is that South Korea's army size includes the US being there. If the US was to pull out, South Korea would increase the size & power of it's military.

Author — Tinman 18


South Korea is acquiring the F-35, that should've been mentioned in the video!

Author — Josh


“What if US forces just left?”
We want to stay this looks interesting!

Author — CVlogs_YT


Support 🇰🇷 from 🇹🇷 we are still ready to die for brothers in korea.

Author — sushi trash


As best as I can figure, the error made by MacArthur in October 1950 was to drive his troops too closely to the northern border of the Korean peninsula with China. Doing so got the Chinese worried that they would be next.

The Korean war could have been won by US / UN forces if Chinese forces had not crossed the Yalu river in support of North Korea.

Author — Allen Loser


Just in case
, we are ready for an other war. Respect and Love for my brother land S.Korea

Author — Mehmet Alptunga ÇALGIN


FBI: Hello sunshine, now Binkov tell us all secret millitary locations of North Korea

Author — Aron Jensen