How To Do Politics

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The way you talk about politics may be perfectly justified, but does it help or hurt your cause?

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As someone who doesn’t use Facebook, I’m curious: Where is the worst for angry and unproductive politics? My guess is Facebook, but I also see a lot on Twitter, and I wonder if the character limit helps or hurts in this respect.

Author — PolyMatter


This is the most underrated channel i have ever seen

Author — Uras Akman


Feels like a rules for rulers footnote.

Author — Dubsy 102


is that flag on the thumbnail is our Somalia flag?



One thing that has seamed to help me persuate people is to say "I agrre with the issue, just not the solution". I often find that people are shocked when they hear that I agree that the same topic is a problem, and are then more likely to listen to my solution.

Author — P V


Politics should be renamed to mind games, because that's exactly what they are...

Author — WithoutWarning


"I'm not lying! I'm just not telling all the truth!" - most politicians probably

Author — dedede clobber kirb


Excellent work, as always. Politically neutral and excellently crafted. You're one of my favorite YouTube channels and I always look forward to your videos. Good job, man!

Author — Izsak Barnette


Just hate it when you're begging your family to pay the kidnapper to release you but they resort to speaking about *Issue D*

Author — August Lundin


I am not lying, I am strategically defending information.

Author — Bay Area Jokester


You have such high quality videos dude! Wish you were more popular

Author — TheKinglax94


It's hard to pay attention to what you're saying when you have a masterpiece playing in the background.

Author — Cole Vickery


Amazing video. It really does seem like right now both major American political parties are campaigning against themselves in respect to their opponents.

Author — Austin Sanniota


The old tale of the Sun and the Moon:
The sun and moon debated which was stronger, they chose to test this by trying to seperate a man and his blanket who was traveling.
The moon went first and blew cold harsh winds in attempt to
Blow the blanket off, but it just made the mad wrap around it tighter. When the sun had it's turn, it just heated the man and the man removed the blanket.

Persuasion and logic are better than force and shame.

Author — spacepimpkevin


feels like I’m watching a younger CGP Grey

this channel is probably gonna explode to a million subs in a few months

Author — Guilherme Moresco


I never comment on videos, but I wanted to let you know I really enjoy your content. I think you're underrated in terms of subscribers and hope your channel takes off. Cheers

Author — Daniel Pinto


You're the only youtuber who (i've seen) stay COMPLETELY neutral on a topic. most youtubers talking about politics have an underlying tone of anger or justifies one side's acts more than the other, however you stay as nuetral as possible, good video

Author — Therapy


This is by far one of the best channels on youtube. Every single video is so thought out and insightful. Thank you for always teaching me something new :)

Author — Amber Lu


This guy is awesome! 🙏🏻🙏🏻great work man! Keep it up.

Author — Dhruv Rathod


This is why you shouldn't punch a Nazi. No one has ever changed their mind by being punched.

Author — James R