City Washed into the Sea! Flash flood in Arhavi, Artvin. Turkey flood 2021

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#NDNews: Natural disasters news every day. Disaster July 22. Live news live about bad weather and climate change. Earth's pain will cleanse the Planet from the humanity. In the world in a day about severe nature. Catastrophes are here and now. Global warming is not far off.
City washed into the sea! Flash flood in Arhavi, Artvin, Turkey

Heavy rains cause flooding in northeastern Turkey. Around 200 people have been evacuated due to flooding in Turkey’s eastern Black Sea region.

Six people trapped in the Arhavi district and nine in the Murgul district were taken to safe areas. There are also electricity cuts in the region. The Energy and Natural Resources Ministry reported that 3,045 subscribers were left without electricity due to floods in the neighboring provinces of Artvin and Rize.

The energy of 9,650 subscribers was cut off due to security measures. Meanwhile, Turkey’s Search and Rescue Association (AKUT) rescued 18 people. At least six people lost, with two people still missing, in flooding and landslides triggered by heavy rain last week in the Rize province.  

While a 1.5-meter puddle of water has come up in front of the buildings near the Black Sea Coastal Road, the workers who have been working in the tea plantations have been stranded in the gardens. A building of a hydroelectric power plant has collapsed and drifted away with the flood. Several citizens have been stranded in buildings as the entrances of the buildings have been under water.
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Здоровья всем людям кто пострадал! Чтобы страшная стихия быстрее закончилась!

Author — Татьяна Лещева


Canım memleketim geçmiş olsun bi daha Rabbim yasatmasin bu afetleri

Author — cookie_zynp


Prayers for all these people in the calamity area in Turkey, hope they are all safe 🙏🥰♥️

Author — Feliz_


Canim Turkiye Allah yar ve yardimcimiz olsun.aci veren goruntuler.

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Надо прекратить войны, и насилие друг над другом, это касается всех наций планеты.

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Какой ужас, и от этого не спастись.Господи, помоги всему живому, людям и особенно животным.Страшно, живём и не знаем, что будет через час

Author — Sadnik Irina


My condolences for this disaster, hopefully it will be resolved soon and back to normal, amen

Author — Ki Sunaryo


Semoga banyak manusia di sana terselamatkan oleh musibah banjir. Dan secepatnya pulih keadaan saudaraku negara Turki dari bencana alam.

Author — Bagus Leo


It’s like the whole world is in disarray. 😭

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Так жалко и страшно за людей. Не дай Бог, никому такого.

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Wow, so devastating, heartbreaking, Prayers and Blessings of Peace

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Que impresión, mis oraciones 🙏 para los habitantes de esta zona

Author — Laura Gabriela Hernandez Carrillo


A lot of disaster happening around the world right now. I hope everyone has evacuated to a safer place. Sending prayers 🙏😇💜

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I hope Turkey recovers from the disaster soon

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Очень ЖАЛКО людей, детей стариков пострадавших от стихии

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I pray for turkey people so they can get through this pandemic and God will help them

Author — erna pandja


So suddenly everywhere has flash floods or wildfires.. I will be praying for everyone

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Man, in America we are having extreme droughts, in Europe and Asia and Africa they are getting hammered by rain!!! Prayers for everyone hope you all make it to safety! 🙏

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My prayers go to all the people and countries suffering from these floods. Angel love and blessings to all 😇🙏

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Люди вот с чем надо бороться всем миром, а не друг с другом.

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