Top 10 Most Powerful Countries In the World 2021

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Top 10 Most Powerful Countries In the World 2020-2021.Strongest military in the world.All three branches of military,Navy,Army and Air force are considered.All types of weapons(Tanks,fighter jets, Submarines,Destroyers,Aircraft carriers etc)are counted.All the information provided are true to the best of our knowledge.
It Should be noted that
Total aircraft strength mentioned in the video includes aircraft from airforce,Navy and Army.
Armored fighting vehicles counts only includes infantry fighting vehicles and armoured personnel carriers.

Image and footage used may be sometimes for demonstration,and may not be actual weapons, militaries of the respected countries.

Some of the images used are from
Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Defense India Govt. of India
Dept. of Defense USA.

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Rip the people who came to see their country, but couldn't😂😂😂😂

Author — Everything Missing


what’s scarier though, is the weapons that these countries don’t show.

Author — Sophia


Everyone Gangsta until Aliens entered the competition.



The world is getting colder every day with different types of weapon.

Author — Sam Goakai


Well we are playing chess ♟ and everyone else is playing checkers. Check mate sums it up. ✅

Author — Mike Delgado


As an American I've always thought India is seriously so much more powerful than people realize, they are a very very very strong military...

Author — Mark Smith


The world is getting ready for the Last day, the signs are here!

Author — Abdool Hamid Burtally


11:12 russia's military is suited in land battle the most. no one can fully invade russia on land because their land weaponries are great.

Author — ShinpuruWaifu


Despite low defence budget, Russia on the 2nd position.

Author — Health & Fitness Sea


Love usa from India I hope I visit united states one 💝day



After knowing that the strongest army in the world I feel so much safe even though I knew it already was. I just like getting answers to know if it is true

Author — Mason Yenor


I'm sure we all know who would have made number one before seeing this video.

Author — YouTube surfer


Make a video of top 10 moments when large number of soldiers surrendered in war

Author — nitz vision


NZ has 1 row boat and a couple 9 mm berettas woo hoo

Author — E L


8000 ABRHAMS, I often hear the a 30% off those are in overhaul at any chosen time

Author — Jeroen Verzijl


I was reading most of those comments. It was so Funny .most of them fighting by Text Especially Indian and Pakistan Each other .some of them also worried about those countries isn't on list of 10 like- Iran - Germany- North Korea- Isreal .Peace is very Important than War .So let's pray to get Peace our World .not Fight Each Other .Thanks

Author — negodatat selam


How many pakistani are feeling proud to see their new country china at no. 3 ?

Author — Refferal Code


Stop fighting everyone, Covid 19 even showed the superpowers where they stand

Author — Vinayak Dwivedi


I can't believe I just watched a 15 minute book report with facts I could have gotten by doing 3 minutes of research on Wikipedia

Author — George Dorsey


Jai Hind 🇮🇳❤️
BRAHMOS world's most powerful super sonic cruise missile🔥

Author — The Rail Gallery by RF Srikar Lucky