Israeli official visits Turkey seeking couple's release

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Analysis by Dr. Emmanuel Navon, Senior Fellow, Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security & International Relation expert. 

'It looks that Erdogan is trying to gain something from Israel and the US, ' says the expert. 

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Please Dear Israel Officers save this innocent Israeli couple from islamic erdogan.

Author — Anıl Erden


I am not a Jew. I do not have a religion. I love

Author — Ceylon


Treat them like in palacestine. Chuck them in jail for 20 years

Author — Leon Cornell


"Turkey is democratic country" Who is lecturing about democracy? Is it US younger sibling?

Author — Pinnacle Soccer


They took photos of the President's house from several km away..From the television tower. They sent the pictures, location and distance to Israel. I don't know anyone who knows the president's house or who can find it from the tower..oh OH..

Author — TR