Discussing National Language through the lens of Politics and Cinema l UPSC GS1 l Diversity of India

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Author — Study IQ education


Our identity is only our diversity.... So we've to respect all the languages around the India....

Author — Shahid Shaikh


My mother tongue is Hindi but I know Hindi is Official lang not National Lang. It doesn't mean I would disrespect or oppose my any of the Indian Languages. From start I knew these lang Controversy was nothing but for attention and PR bcoz Bollywood is the one who had immensely disrespected our Hindi.

Author — Cutie Pie


I'm from Hyderabad and I'm proud that I know Hindi, Telugu, English and Marathi fluently because in my school Hindi was my 1st language like majority schools in Telangana. Frankly speaking I don't like this division like North, South, East, West. We're ONE and should remain ONE as Indian.

Author — Akhil Kumar- Indian Armed Forces Worshipper⚪️


I think our country don't need any particular language to keep us United... The only thing that unite us is our history, our struggle for independence, our plight during invasion..🙏

Author — reeva chaudhary


Humko har indian languages ko respect dena chahiye I love all indian languages 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Author — Umakanta Pradhan


We Hindi heartland people likes South Indian Movie, , not because Language issue, , , but because content, Process and Output, , ....
Bollywood (Karachi wood) due to Nepotism and spoil system.. is now under "Criticality Endangered" under Indian Status, , , but we don't need to protect them..

Author — भोजपुरी Education


As a Indian we need to respect of all our indian languages Hindi, English, Tamil, telgu, Marathi, Punjabi and many more ...
Be united ❣️

Author — sunil Khangar


Due to language protest there may be growing hatred between south and North PEOPLE which is not good for INDIA..

Author — BMJ Lifestyle


Same in odisha too
We read hindi till class 7 then we have it as optional (you may choose sanskrit with odia script or hindi)

Author — Venkate Swar


On my view:
We should prioritise our nation's unity first
We should respect each person culture, religion and local language
Government can not impose any external language in people based in current scenario and further also
Government should focus on quality of English teacher in rural areas so that rural youth can raise voice and do better works in nation building

Author — Samar Jeet Maurya


Language issue is being exaggerated by Bollywood to alienate hindi speakers from south movies and movie stars...it also works vice versa Bollywood also wants ignite the dislike some of our brothers have in south india towards hindi..objective is to compel south producers not to dub their movies in hindi for the fear of backlash from their regional viewers...Sanatan dharmis need to understand and stay United..this language tow is between us and we will resolve it with in us..but we will not let these Bollywood traitors and ISI agents exploit this situation for their own benefit..they are just scared...Love our south actors ..they respect our traditions our cultures...it makes me really laugh when these 10th fail murderes of a genius (Sushant ) try to preach to our beloved actors and actresses of south india...they have their agents in south as well but we will say united...

Author — Amit Singh


I am Hindi speaking but multiluingal nature of indians is the real gem....of our motherland...jaihind❤️❤️❤️

Author — Joseph Summer


Make Sanskrit a national language. Let everyone learn a common ancient language from which other Indian languages have originated.

Author — Akash Yadav


Every Language is National language. India has a beautiful collection of languages just like a beautiful collection of different flowers.Every language should be given due respect.

Author — Mr.Y


Official aur national language me jo difference hai woh hindi speaking peoples ko samajhna chahiye hindi se tamil bahut purana language hai aur india me har ek state ka apna apna language hai aur sabko apnni language pyari hai milkar rehna hai toh sab language ko respect karo ....agar rakhna hai toh sanskrit rakhte toh zyada oppose nahi hota, ab eh sambhav nahi isliye sabko respect karo milkar raho bollywood k chamcho ko hatao....

Author — Dinesh Kshetri


Respect every language...no one can force.

Author — Ravi Ravi


I am from UP and my mother tongue is Hindi..I stand with South Indian Film Industry. I believe Ajay Devgan's or Bollywood actor's this stunt is to create difference between Hindi speaking people and south Indian actor...We love good content and creativity.. not filthy movies and anti Hindu propaganda ....

Author — Divine Fingers


I am from UP. I think, No language should be forced to anybody.

Author — umesh gangwar


All languages are important.. all languages share equal respect ❤

Author — kishan