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September 11 marks the 20th year of the deadly 9/11 attacks in the US. Joe Biden paid tribute to victims of 9/11 terror attacks.

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The CIA has disrespected the people who died in the attack of 9/11. They always knew there might be an attack but they always denied to provide proper details to FBI.

Author — Lucky Kumar


I think this has hurt many country’s around the world. My thoughts and prayers are with all those involved ❤️ sending love from Ireland 🇮🇪

Author — Virtual Feats


Why should Saudi involvement have been classified? Class action suit against US government is needed.

Author — sdm465


Brennan, Bush's, Rumsfeld, Clinton's, Mueller, Comey, and more were complicit.

Author — Joe C


This is a distraction from the Biden administration to divert attention away from his Afghanastan debacle! Think about it.

Author — m s


Next, they'll implicate Snowdon, Assange, and Jeffrey Epstein.

Author — Patricia Palmer


What type of religion condones a person take their life
and the lives of innocent people?

Author — Jim Fromearth


Tali-Biden is releasing all important documents on behalf of the Taliban.
Tali-Biden is a pain in the €%$.

Author — Wanlamborlang


Intellectual couldn't find religion behind 9/11...but shamelessly some US hypocrite discussing 'dismantling global hindutva' 🤦‍♂ .. just imagine swami Vivekananda

Author — Dr karma


This day and age, these images will forever be in our minds, the day the time seems to STOP!!!

Author — Juancho Santiago


FBI should release all documents regarding 9/11 investigations.

Author — Amer Rai


The Biden administration, like a frightened squid, is frantically pumping ink into the sea as it flees from the Afghan catastrophe.

Author — T


The building insurance increase and change is the proof that someone knew what was going to happen

Author — Tap Patel


Fact ; 17out of 19 of the hijackers are from Saudia Arabia ! So, what has been done !
Why is information being withheld for 20 years ? This is America ? Really ?

Author — Michael Bowden


Why hide this for 20 years? There’s more not being told.

Author — Ivan A. Trollyouski


Crazy how the U.S demolished those buildings just to start a 20 year war and not accomplish anything



All this is drama by the USA, they will never de-classify anything of importance for next 50 years atleast

Author — Nix Awesome


The British empire have sent there brand new shiny new war ship to China 🇨🇳.
George Orwell said the war isn't ment to be won its ment to be continuous

Author — John Rooney


Biden is trying to divert the attention from Afghanistan by now putting blame on Saudi government...!!!

Author — sourabh tupe


This still gives me nightmares! Thought's and prayers still with all the families and friends who lost their loved ones. Not having closure is just a nightmare in itself. These evil bastards should rot in a special type of hell.

Author — I A