No mercy for China! Typhoon In-Fa hits Zhoushan, Zhejiang. Storm Infa.

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#NDNews: Natural disasters news every day. Disaster July 25-26. Live news live about bad weather and climate change. Earth's pain will cleanse the Planet from the humanity. In the world in a day about severe nature. Catastrophes are here and now. Global warming is not far off.
No mercy for China! Typhoon In-Fa hits Zhoushan, Zhejiang. Storm Infa.

Typhoon "In-Fa" made landfall in the Putuo District of the city of Zhoushan, China's eastern province of Zhejiang. At the time of landfall, In-Fa had a maximum wind speed of 137 km/h (85 mph).
Strong winds produced by In-Fa were also felt in Shanghai where about 360 000 people were evacuated and all inbound and outbound flights canceled for its two international airports. Schools, markets, and businesses were closed ahead of landfall and more than 1.5 million people evacuated. Dozens of scheduled trains were canceled, while activity at the two of the world's largest ports -- Shanghai and Ningbo, were temporarily shut down.

After flooding 6 kilometres (4 miles) of roads in Zhoushan with seawater and felling around 1,000 trees in Shanghai on Sunday afternoon, the typhoon was due to make a second landfall on the coast between Zhejiang's Jiaxing city and Jiangsu province's Qidong city. Both Shanghai, home to about 26 million people, and Hangzhou to the south cancelled inbound and outbound flights from Saturday, and many train services in the region were also halted.
The storm has destroyed more than 4,700 trees on the streets. The typhoon also affected the electricity supply, with some residents of Pudong and Minhang districts complaining of blackouts to the Shanghai branch of the State Grid Corporation of China, a state-owned utility company. Shanghai officials evacuated 362,000 people last week ahead of the typhoon. 1,800 ships were also withdrawn from the city’s nearby harbours and moved to safer locations.
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Climate change has already begun. Humanity will destroy Mother Nature. Extreme weather caught on camera.

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Погода изменилась навсегда
Прошлое осталось в прошлом. Точку невозврата мы прошли. Явления
только будут наростать. Старожилы и метеонаблюдения не помогут спрогнозировать
будущие климатические катастрофы. Все тяжелее будет от них спрятаться. Но люди еще
могут изменить неизбежное, если захотят разобраться в причинах происходящего. А
они озвучиваются каждый понедельник на ютубканале Perspectiva

Author — Oksana Tishuna


Wow all of the destruction really breaks my heart. God be with everyone who's lives are affected by this storm.

Author — Brenda Bryan


Another reminder that we are all living on this earth together

Author — 420Skater T4E


Bencana alam bisa datang kapan saja tanpa diduga dan tidak pandang bulu
Dari dulu hingga sekarang nggak ada yg bisa menghentikannya

Author — Manupro s20


Стихия в любой стране - беда. Сочувствие всем пострадавшим.

Author — Татьяна Суркова


Класс! Побольше таких новостей из китая))

Author — 사랑아빠의


Меняется климат, поэтому такие явления неизбежны. Это беда и не надо злорадствовать. Меняется природа, окружающая среда и неизвестно, что впереди ждёт.

Author — Саби Бор


This is how mother nature punishes you when you do things against her.

Author — In the end LP


Everytime storm comes in our land I thank God first and pray to him that this storm will pass through and keep our family and neighbors safe. 🙏

Author — My





Semoga mereka tabah menjalani ujian ini

Author — Sunarikah 1966


es una verdadera pena lo que esta pasando en china y mas cuando conoces gente de alla espero que entre todos los habitantes de china y el gobierno pueda cooperar para superar este año de desastres naturales por medio del cambio climático y el mal manejo de los materiales y las distribuciones en las mayorías de ciudades y pueblos del país

Author — Z-live


What a pity that the people must always suffer. The leaders of their wicked, evil government should be destroyed.

Author — Ursula Phillips


Jangan pernah merasa hebat, tidak ada yang lebih hebat dari kekuatan Allah, , , ,

Author — aksara Alif


Govt made bio war right to all other countries right? see here is what happened but still we all respect equal china, hope the situation gets better from INDIA

Author — Neha H.N.


I had no mercy for any country or anybody in this world affected by natural disasters. We all sinful, each one of us.

Author — love Christmas and New Year


Человек не просто завоеватель, он должен чувствовать свое великое единение с природой, единение творческое! Природа - зеркало в котором отражаются деяния людей, и в этом зеркале человек должен видеть себя мудрым и добрым.

Author — Galina Kuznetsova


Hanya kepada Nya lah kita memohon perlindungan & ampunan 🙏🙏

Author — Supriyanto haehae


Never underestimate the call of nature!

Author — Ako si Dackz


Please be safe everyone, nature is very bad these days.

Author — Lin Ya