8 Simple Steps to Start Investing in 2021 [Investing for Beginners]

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By the time you finish this video, you WILL be ready to start investing in 2021. 🏁 I’m answering eight of the most common questions for how to invest in a step-by-step investing tutorial for beginners. Even if you’ve already started investing, this video will make sure you have the basics you need for higher returns.

I did a poll last year of the community and found that one-in-five had not started investing yet. That changes with this video! I’m going to give you a step-by-step on how to invest by answering every question along the way. By the time you finish the video, you’ll know how to start investing and be ready to make your money work for you.

We’ll start with how much to invest and how to set your goals. You can start investing with any amount on most websites. I’ll show you a strategy to start investing with $150 a month towards the end of the video but if you can only invest small amounts per month, do that. The important point is to get started investing in stocks and create that habit.

I’ll then show you how to get your personal finances ready to invest. We’ll talk about creating an emergency fund that doesn’t keep you saving forever. I’ll also show you which stocks to buy and share my favorite investing strategy.

Next, I’ll reveal the investing platforms I use and what to look for when you decide. I’ve got three criteria I look for in a stock investing website that will save you money and make it easy to invest.

I’m running out of space here so make sure you watch the video. I want to be a force for change in your life and I want you to start investing now!

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1:10 How much to invest
2:45 Getting ready to invest
4:48 How to know which stocks to buy
7:00 Where to buy stocks
8:35 How to start a portfolio
10:05 How to buy a stock
11:50 How many stocks to own
12:54 How to know when to sell
14:25 A step-by-step strategy to start investing for $3,000 monthly income from your investments!
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Joseph Hogue, CFA spent nearly a decade as an investment analyst for institutional firms and banks. He now helps people understand their financial lives through debt payoff strategies, investing and ways to save more money. He has appeared on Bloomberg and on sites like CNBC and Morningstar. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a veteran of the Marine Corps.

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Stock investing, when done well, is among the most effective ways to build long-term wealth. Definitely the most lucrative venture.

Author — Becky Tanner


My obstacle is not knowing what the hell im doing.

Author — Gregory Williams


"Mindset" was my biggest obstacle. Once I began, it became a habit worthy being addicted to. Thanks for this episode.

Author — Karim Lalani


Hey corporal, thank you for your leadership.

Author — Alejandro Morales


I'd like to see a video for when you cash out your stocks and how much to set aside for taxes.

Author — Mike Strong


"Habits can be the best of servants, or the worst of masters" -Nathanael Emmons

Author — Tadd Vinson


Was just going through investing videos and I don’t know how I haven’t come across you before. With just the little I’ve watched you explain everything really clearly and have an inviting personality. Keep up the amazing work, glad to join your community!

Author — Christian Smith


You look genuine, good advice, very underrated channel

Author — Lucifer S


I truly hope this helps. I hope that 150 realistically will get me to a goal and some fun

Author — Yupdatschelle


Biggest obstacle: Not knowing how to get started and not a good knowledge of investing or the pitfalls to avoid

Author — Jody Behun


Just started (at WeBull). My biggest obstacle was being raised by hyenas. Brought up in an environment that contributed to the myths that:

-If you don't have $5, 000 you can afford to lose, investing is not worth it.
-If you want to invest, you need to hire an advisor at an investment firm and their goal is making themselves rich with your money.
-If you don't hire a CFA you'll need to buy some kind of high-learning-curve software to keep track of your portfolio
-Investing is too complicated for the very day person and you really need to have an advanced level of knowledge and experience about how the stock market and economy work.

I decided to just learn some basics, listened to some videos, took some advice on how to get started in the actual process of investing. I did this for myself for my birthday in Nov 2020, spent about two weeks on and off just scaling into the knowledge I'd need to do what I wanted. Looked at the markets, society, trends, news, learning how politics and interest rates affect markets and decided that what I should put my money in was copper, building supplies, and online retail. I dunno if that's a valid long-term strategy but so far, so good.

Author — Viking Shark


Nice video and Thank you also for recommending me to Mrs Brenda McLean her services are exceptional and I've been earning greatly from investing with her

Author — Anggi Chris


My main problem is patience. I’m getting better tho

Author — Virgil Tibbs


Very thankful to have people like you. We appreciate your efforts.

Author — The Art of Education


Dont put all your eggs in one basket. spread your risk. he just mentioned it lol

Author — Taco


Just started with 5k 😊...these videos are helpful!

Author — Alicia Greer


My biggest concern is which platform do I start investing with. ie: e trade, robinhood, webull, etc. Getting in is the biggest obstacle for beginners like me. Too skeptical to just jump in to any trading platform. Then the fees to invest.

Author — Buntoeun Ponn


I have been watching your videos lately and I have to say I love them, you explain things simply and you give all of the information folks need to get started.

Everyone should invest and grow their money.

Author — Master Mirror


Thank you! I am a single mom who is finally able to start over and invest small now...but can't wait to invest BIG. I would love go see how people budget for long term and short term savings/investments. I have a super long way to go. Think I will start really small while I learn. 💙💜

Author — Laura B


So glad I found you thank you so much!!

Author — KS Jackson