Peninsula is Sinking, Floods are everywhere! Heavy rainfall in Malaysia

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#NDNews: Natural disasters news every day. Disaster December 18. Live news live about bad weather. Earth's pain will cleanse the Planet from the humanity. In the world in a day about severe nature. Catastrophes are here and now. Global warming is not far off.
Peninsula is sinking, floods are everywhere! Heavy rainfall in Malaysia.

Torrential rainfall has led to widespread flooding in at least five states in the peninsula.

Selangor state suffered the most, more than 10,000 people were evacuated.Rainfall has exceeded 500 millimetres. In the cities of Klang and Shah Alam, high tides in the affected areas exceeded 5 meters. More than tens of thousands of cars were captured by water. The underground car parks have become a real pool. The flood destroyed the residents' property as water poured into their homes.

Dozens of people had to spend the night in their cars or at their workplaces after roads became impassable. Among the areas in Klang that were flooded under two meter of water were Kampung Nelayan, Teluk Gong, Port Klang. The floods have also caused power outages. Temporary relief centers have been opened in heavily affected areas.

The meteorological department warned that heavy rain will continue for another day.
The channel lists such natural disasters as:
1) Geological emergencies: Earthquake, volcanic eruption, mudflow, landslide, landfall, avalanche;
2) Hydrological emergencies: Flood, Tsunami, Limnological catastrophe, floods, flooding;
3) Fires: Forest fire, Peat fire, Glass Fire, Wildfire;
4) Meteorological emergencies: Tornado, Cyclone, Blizzard, Hail, Drought, Hail, Hurricane, Storm, Thunderstorm, typhoon, Tempest, Lightning.

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Prayers for these people affected by this deluge. May the waters recede quickly and bring needed protection and safety to them.

Author — patti3d


Innalilahi wa innailaihi ro'jiun 🙏
Stay safe Malaysia 🇲🇾

Author — Raflin Official


May God protect you from dangers
Much love from Saudi Arabia
On behalf of all Kenyan here I wish you all good luck



semoga cepat reda
greetings from indonesian 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

Author — MYC


Semoga banjir di setiap negeri dimalaysia cepat surut ..amiin

Author — Hudacee


Pray for Malaysia. Saya mengenang Des 2006 traveling dr Kualalumpur ke Johor dan ketemu banjir di jalan tol sebelum masuk Johor. Kondisi alam Malaysia = Indonesia rawan bencana banjir.

Author — Dek Tra Nusa


I feel very sorry for your country. I wish everyone a disaster free, 🙏🙏🙏🇹🇭

Author — Fh Dyv


Psalm 93:3- The floods have lifted up, O Lord, The floods have lifted up their voice, The floods lift up their pounding waves.

Psalm 93:4- More than the sounds of many waters, Than the mighty breakers of the sea, The Lord on high is mighty.

Author — God’s Spiritual Poet


Symptoms of climate disruption will become more numerous as the average thermal energy increases in the atmosphere. Sadly, Malaysia will not be alone in bearing the consequences of our collective actions.

Author — EdricLysharae


Allahim yardım etsin inşaallah cok geçmiş olsun 😢😢

Author — Ahmet Yılmaz flok ustası


May Allah swt protect the populations of Malaisya Ameen

Author — Shirine Carmally


Semoga Tuhan yang maha kuasa melindungi umat-nya. Semoga tidak ada korban jiwa dalam bencana alam ini. Ini video kami file untuk pelajaran bagi kami yang tinggal dekat 4 gunung dan dekat dengan 3 Danau dan dekat 2 sungai besar diDesa Desa'polosok diBali Indonesia

Author — Yuli Ati


Global cataclysms are only increasing. This issue, as well as ways to solve it, were discussed in detail at the international online conference " Global Crisis. This already affects everyone", organized by volunteers from 180 countries. We, people, must unite to cope with what is coming. We all must remember that we are one Humanity. We can unite our potential for life, for our children. There is no country that will be able to overcome these increasing disasters by itself. We must unite to survive and build a new society of kindness and justice, where each of us will be a happy human being, but not a refugee - the Creative Society.

Author — Roma Gr


Meu Deus o que está acontecendo no mundo 🌎 aqui no Brasil também só chove no mês de Desembro na Bahia e Minas muita gente desabrigadas ajudamos uns aos outros pois não sabemos o dia de amanhã

Author — Cleonilde Roque


Meu Deus está acontecendo no mundo inteiro 😔 Jesus está voltando 🙏

Author — Lia Souza


50 years ago Malaysia experienced even worse flood than 2021 flood.

Author — gu zhuwei


Wow, having to paddle a boat full of 5 people with a yard rake. That is desperation.

Author — Greg Peterman


Incessant rain for almost 15 hours on that Sunday . It was fun watching from my house on higher ground.

Author — Coon Dung


اللهم سلمنا وأهلنا و المسلمين في كل مكان

Author — Muhammad Andi


Aqui no Brasil, tá tendo muito alagamento.

Author — Maria das Neves Andrade Pessanha