How 'The 30% Rule' Changes Your Business Finances

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How "The 30% Rule" Changes Your Business Finances in your Landscaping Business.

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Your First Year in the Landscaping Business: How to Start and Grow a Lawn Care & Landscaping Business from Zero

Your First Year in the Landscaping Business: How to Start and Grow a Lawn Care & Landscaping Business from Zero


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Thanks for the info, I am in my first full year of business and was looking for a little tax advice, so thank you...BTW, it was about this time last year when one of your vids caught my attention and like many others our there, you gave me the courage to start my business and I couldn't be happier, thanks Keith!

Author — Erin OBrien (TidyGardenBeds)


Thanks Keith, starting over at 67. The details you gave was what i was thinking. Continued success to you and wife. I pray for you, in the name of Jesus...😊

Author — Stephen Henry


This course will teach you how to:

-Create a Budget 
-Pay Yourself The Correct Amount
-Create Strict Financial Rules for Yourself and your Business (that even you are not allowed to break)
-Learn How to Read A Profit & Loss Statement
-Learn how to structure your business

Author — Keith Kalfas


Great video brother 👍
Very important info 🙌
U can never go wrong when saving 💯

Author — Littles Pressure Washing


The way gross profit works is if your job is $1000 total, that is the 100%. So if over head cost you 50% of that $1000 leaving you with $500, your total gross profit is 50%… you’re totally right Keith.

Author — Rafael Rodriguez


Dude you are awesome! It’s so cool that you care about not only urself succeeding but everyone else too. What makes u even cooler is that everyone knows you made it out of the mud! I am very thankful for people like you.

Author — Crappie King


Great video Keith. I joke that being self employed or running a business that money in the bank is never yours

Author — Premier Lawns


Over saving isn’t necessarily good either. Especially with inflation, you’d be better off using the extra savings to reinvest in other things because the buying power of that money sitting there is constantly going down.

Author — Michael’s Life Cycle


Mr Bryan Nelson is the best, recommending him to all beginners who wants to recover losses like I did..

Author — Mary miles


Awesome. This is Keith Kalfas on my other channel. The Window Cleaning Blueprint.

Author — Window Cleaning BluePrint


Thanks! I just pulled the trigger and used my Bitcoin profits to buy a truck, trailer, equipment filed and got my EIN, so what do you think my next step should be? (Advice from anyone welcome 😃)

Author — jose martinez


Bunch of good tax knowledge in this, love it 👍

Author — Sawyer Spain


You have inspired me. In more ways then 1. I have my business because of you and I am thankfull. Eventhough you have no idea who I am. You are 1 of the guys that inspired me and helpt me build what I have today. Thank you Keith

Author — Joshua den Heyer


Hey brother, great video guiding people.

Author — James White


👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽crushing it brother thank you for yet another nugget of knowledge!

Author — BfloThe Barber


4th year still part time after 100k of work last year don’t know why I can’t quit my day job…

Author — Diesel Lover


What you're explaining is similar to profit first, if you haven't heard of it, check it out.

Author — Local Landscapers


Here in France I'd be happy if it was only 30% - this country has among the highest taxes in the world ☹️

Author — Garden Guy France


30% of all gross revenue, (thats crazy) 🤣end quote.

I have been doing this Keith,
With accounts for each
Owners compensation
Total opex

I like the 30percent of gross profit and not of top line.

Author — DCW Shoreline


I'm digressing...
Love it man, yall want real results? I saved every paycheck last year Manscaping, bought a second lbz duramax, from the other side of the US, never seen snow. I plow in winter, she was an investnent for my landscaping lifelong supplemental income( i like to say keeping my mental. Dad and bro are Dr's ; im the dumb lawn mower brother who can turn your castle into your peaceful serene fortress, ur proud to call Your Own

Author — The CEO