The 10 Future Helicopters of the World (2020)

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• This video presents the 10 Main Future Military Helicopters. Future Helicopters or the next generation helicopters can do much more than today’s versions, including supporting systems that can conduct independent maneuver, achieving greater Speed and range and to operate in a highly contested operational environment.
• The Mil Mi-X1 and Ka-92 was firstly meant for passengers. Development of the Mi-X1 and Ka-92 was switched from Ministry for Industry and Trade to Ministry of Defence in 2015 due to reduced government funding and high operating cost.

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Not even the helicopters from Avatar look that good

Author — Deadpool Randoms


Is Russia planning on converting buses into helicopters? I love it!

Author — Arsenic 75


China has entered the server
China : CTRL + A
China : CTRL + C
China has left the sever

Author — Tanishq kumar


The Ka-90 concept reminds me of something from the movie "The 6th Day"

Author — Cossack TwoFive


Liked many including the awx design. I support Gökbey as normal.

Author — kurtbey3799


To be honest, I miss the good old models like the Mi-24, BO 105 and the earlier version of the Eurocopter Tiger.

Author — Max Iona


AWX was so futuristic respect from turkey

Author — Çevir Man


Invictus looks like an updated version of the Comanche helicopter that was never put into production.

Author — Snake 1776


the helicopters have a new future, your video fantastic like always

Author — MusicStoreHouse Mirco Sorrentino


The Bell 360 is literally the RHA-66 Comanche but bigger? The art makes it look bigger.

Author — MrSunshine1079


make a video on top 10 space launch vehicles

Author — Studio of art


Any of the top 3 u.s designs are proven to give to performance enhancements the u.s require which will win who knows all are beautiful and will have the capacity to control drones which will become a standard requirement to survive!

Author — Michael Montgomery


Another fantastic video. How did you get started making these videos. They are informative and the narration is amazing.
Keep up the great work. I can't wait for the next one.

Author — Nicholas Mazzarella


Nice video and very informative and very entertaining and very satisfaction 😊.

Author — Lalruatdika Varte


The Speedhawk? Really? That's a long forgotten experiment!

Author — brion johnson


Air Wolf will knock them all out of the sky

Author — CoolSkool1.0


Don't underestimate Airbus Helicopters with the H160.

Author — Thierry MILAN


How the Hell did you miss the Bell V280? Yet put in several paper prototypes which have not even flown and never will? HOW? Enquiring minds want to know

Author — w8stral


what if America started to make helicopters from video games like COD advance warfare: warbird, and BO2 vtol warship. ONE day AMERICA will just copy some of the vehicles in video games.

Author — kemle ann ondap


I’m waiting for the helicopters from avatar

Author — Persephone