What really happens when you have a heart attack

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The doctors just be like: Sorry for your loss this man injected a mattress into his bloodstream.

Author — yan Wu


Morale of the story: *Don’t put a mattress in your bloodstream, you’ll never wake up*

Author — Ogmariii †


Lets just take the time to appreciate how many times this guy moves this mattress into the way to use it as some sort of body part!😭

Author — Miranda Abrego


“Oh there it is.” “You see the blockage?” “ *nope, he’s dead.* ”

Author — Brianna Herrera


Bruh this is how modern kids learn put this in schools😭💯

Author — 26G DA GOD.


Well god, my blood cells may know I’m dying due to lack of oxygen, but they don’t have to be so chill about it

Author — Tiah Kirio


“You see the blockage?”
“Well what’s the problem”
*im not your butler to tell you what I see*

Author — Ryan Bonaventure


when the dude got the feeling of the heart attack and it did the effect it reminded me of death note lmao

Author — Tomura Shigaraki


This happened to my father recently. He didn't know he had a heart attack that night and refused to go to the hospital saying it's nothing to worry about even though he was in a really bad condition. Although he's doing alright today♥️

Author — pallabi Murmu


Wow the animation in this new season of Cells at Work is so realistic.

Author — Leek Leek


Me: Thinking of the song named Heart Attack

Author — Sarah Guardado


This guy needs a Oscar or a medal of some sort cause he definitely deserves one.

Author — Beecakes


This is what I want on youtube shorts. Not stupid, obviously fake pranks, cringey kids dancing, and people who act high

Author — Kencat 3


This is definitely one reason I changed my horrible eating habits.My chest used to hurt all the time. Now it doesn't at all.

Author — Chakalate Thunder


I learnt more from these videos than my 8 year medical course.

Author — creerpepro


Man fit an entire house/apartment in his blood then had a deadly harry stack for our viewing pleasure That's dedication

Author — vbddfy euuyt


Mans just taught us an entire biology unit in 60 seconds

Author — Marty MC


For some goddamn reason the cells at work Live action are so good idk why

Author — Razor


“Do you see the blockage?”
“No he’s dead” lmaoooo

Author — Cheezburger15


His videos just give me so many “Cells at work!” Vibes

Author — M i l k y