Timeline: Evolution of Technology

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Inventions don't generally happen randomly or by accident. Science and technology progress in a very logical way, with each new discovery leading on from the last. You can see that on our evolution timeline of technology video. It's not a complete history of everything, but it covers the importants and turning points.

DISCLAIMER: This Timeline/Comparison is based on public data, surveys, public comments & discussions and approximate estimations that might be subjected to some degree of error.

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"The human brain is super complex and advanced."
-  The Human Brainㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

Author — chi noutu • boy ✔︎


Fire: Was created in the year 1.2M BC
1 min before:
"Man, so dark and cold in here :/"
"Dude, what if I make a new weapon?"
"Man, that's a good idea! But that won't help me."
*accidental fire*

Author — Brainless Hooman


Now it’s easier to live but harder to beat others

Author — Khaked Dhahbi


It’s scary how fast technology have and still can evolve

Author — Brian D


I hope in the future they invent flying cars like imagine instead of having to be on land you could just fly to your destination, that would be awesome!

Author — Itachi Uchiha


I play with a stick, I must be a caveman.

Author — Jonathan Joestar


I can imagine people from the future laughing at how inaccurate this is

Author — احمد طهور


The Internet existed since 1974?! I though it was created around the late 80's - early 90's!

Author — SpacePlace


Am i the only one that imagines what people 1000s of years ago would think of todays civilization?

Author — C C


I totally respect for the people who made the fire tools millions years ago cave men

Author — ddeaths


Year 2050: * Brain linked VR *

Me: * Sword Art Online flashbacks *

Author — Kõsoku RuNashi


"Orville wright made the first are plane."

Santos Dumont: Excuse me my noble lord, are you getting very unscrupulous?

Author — Maerd


So your telling me that a computer that you could have was invented after going to space 🌝

Author — Dini bot


The fact that all the people who watched sword art online are already ready when 2050 comes

Author — ninoooooooooo ?


Just so you guys know the first flute was made by Neanderthals and dates back to 60, 000 BC

Author — Hannah Cozad


China: *makes gunpowder, guns, weapons, etc*

America: Hippity Hoppity, your items are now mine.

Author — Best me ever


You forgot the Moon Landing on 1969 and the Mars Landing in the Future!

Author — Andreas Scharpf


“Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don't give up.” 💪🏾

Author — Random Facts


Can't the Amazon drones get knocked out by rain, snow, or wind?

Author — Juan Munoz


Imagine All of This video
Happend IRL That Gonna be Insane

Author — Dina Mutiara