Turkey unveils new Altay MBT tank design Leopard 2A4 upgrade Firtina 2 155mm tracked howitzer

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During a live demonstration, the Turkish company BMC has unveiled the latest design of the Altay indigenous MBT (Main Battle Tank) as well a new modernized version of the Leopard 2A4 tank fitted with an Altay tank turret and the Firtina 2, 155mm self-propelled howitzer based on tracked armored chassis.

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It's a vulnerable design loop that tank designers can't seem to over come. All tanks have three weaknesses. The rear end underbelly and the top where the armor is thinnest.. .
With new lofting anti armor missiles IEDs .
The better the Anti Armor weapons are the better designed tanks have to be..

Author — SY Sublime


There is no country in the world will be challenge you....love from 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

Author — Aamir Khan


Altay is a really capable mbt, but there are problems tho, some parts are inported from germany or other eu countries and its still questionable that the turks can produce or import them in big quantities

Author — Bulcsú Tóth


Army Recognition Group is not only Web TV news, it's also the place to get acquainted with the defense equipment.Thx



Future system to integrate every war machinery as a system 80% computerized operation.

Author — Moderate


what's the point of using "AI" if humans decide what products to buy.
what is it with this weird nostalgic fascination with manned vehicles?
maybe "AI" is a bit too ruthless in warfare, but it's usually against the enemy. tip for human commanders, don't be incompetent.

Author — niva zero


Да хитро поступили, поставить новые башни на корпус леопарда!

Author — Troy Dix


First tank from Turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 yes because Turkey is now the barrel tank and the engine can not produce, but that does not mean it can not produce

Author — Muhammed 1999


So do i get the facts correct?

Here we see a German Leopard 2 tank (base armour, engine, Powerpack, tracks machanics, landing gears etc)
with a Korean K2 designed turret,
with a German 120mm smoothbore gun.

How many work it took to fit the K2 turret on the Leopard tank? 🤔

Author — Roller Rollerichson


Altay tank same with type 90 MBT of japan

Author — Joel San Agustin


Turkey will be super power of the world we will see it alltogather in the next time

Author — nostra damus


Another design? When are going to actually make real ones?

Author — RR


A lot of butthurt people in comments. Everyone says it's copied from it's own country lol. Some people are unbelievably stupid

Author — Türkiye Komünist Naziler Derneği


OmG! It looks like modified Sahins or Kartals. Extra hightness gives dangerous positions and parts for the crew and machine. What did you do? I cannot believe you. I will cry, see you later.



Let me give you "ı" to type Fırtına correctly

Author — Sacred Burger


Altay is one of the few 4th generation mbt tanks in tge world. Possibly the best, but most ppl and media dont know it.

Author — Maioral of Knowledge


From Lebanon🇱🇧❤🇹🇷, God willing, Turkey will become the most powerful country in the world in everything and unite us with one state called the Ottoman Empire under the leadership of the Sultan and the background of Muslims Recep Tayyip Erdogan Amen

Author — Mahmoud AL Sabbagh