Hurricane Ida Hits Lockport, LA And Sends Roof Flying - 8/29/2021

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Breaking News Video - 'Eye' and vicious 'Eyewall' of CAT 4 Hurricane Ida rips over Lockport, LA:
roofs ripped from homes, debris hitting homes, branches ripped from trees, utility poles toppled, destroyed homes, and 939.8 mb pressure measurement in calm eye.

All footage shot during afternoon and evening daylight on August 29, 2021 in/near Lockport, LA by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1. roof ripped from home

2. roof and debris tossed into adjacent homes

3. utility poles overcome by high winds in eyewall

4 & 5. branches ripped from trees

6. turbulent low clouds and high winds of eyewall

7-15. various shots of high damaging eyewall winds slamming Lockport, LA

16-26. various shots of heavily damaged neighborhoods in Lockport, LA

27. barometer measuring 939.8 millibar minimum central pressure in calm eye of CAT 4 Hurricane Ida in Lockport, LA

28. radar image showing our location in eye of Ida in Lockport, LA

29 & 30. cows on highway stressed by backside of hurricane near Lockport, LA

SID: Simon Brewer Juston Drake

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0:39 The guy clearing the branches off the road was fighting a losing battle as more branches continue to fall on the road in front of his path...

Author — James S.


My hearts and prayers goes out to victims of this massive hurricane i hope that everyone got out and is safe

Author — Johnathan White


Poor Louisiana. Hope you guys get back up and running ASAP 🙏❤️

Author — Buddy's DIY


I live up towards Alexandria, Louisiana; almost a stone's throw away if you will, and it's just occurred to me how surreal this all was as I was able to pretty much still go about my day with barely a cloud in the sky and a mild breeze. While at the same time, all of this was almost literally happening right next to where I live; I still can't get over how unreal that is.

Author — Blood Dracolich


Absolutely devastating for those poor people my heart literally goes out to them and I really hope they get all the support they need 😪

Author — Helen Wilson


No the poor animals and cows.. this is so terrifying. Praying for everyone in Louisiana

Author — Irithylle


We pray for all those people affected by the ravages of the hurricane.
Wishing them all a speedy route to normality

Author — Eugenio Lopes


Poor cows. Hope everyone stays/is safe in LA during this storm.

Author — FAITH2x4x7


Omg the poor cows and other animals that have no where to go...

Author — thespiceoflife


Wow, the most intense footage of Ida that i've seen so far!

Author — 3dplanet100: walking and tours videos


I pray that everyone evacuated from there! These storm chasers are insane! God keep them safe!

Author — Paul Rowland


This makes me feel thankful I don’t live where we get huge storms like this I hope everyone is safe 😭🥰

Author — Sara Swinerton


Those waving live powerlines reminded me of Final Destination it's like they were trying to lure you in closer. My anxiety wouldn't allow me to be a storm chaser. I'm a storm runner.

Author — Just Meechie


Brave effort 👍. Those trees that could weather this storm are really hard. And wonderful to see those cattle fighting the storm in their own safe way!

Author — Hari Kumar


This guy is putting his life on the line for this footage. Dude, I pray for your safety.

Author — Alicia Vickman


you covered a lot of ground there. great coverage

Author — David Wood


'I am a linesman for the county' Thank you linesmen for your hard work. Be safe!

Author — uk7769


Praying for the safety of my relatives there and to all..

Author — Loreta Figueroa


That "roof" was a glorified awning to make the doublewide trailer look more like a regular house. It probably wasn't the best idea considering their location. Having said that, it still sucks that this happened. I'm glad the debris didn't hit their cars or take off the real roof.

Author — icemachine79


That’s raw power right there ! Ida will be retired after this one.

Author — samthesham459