Afghanistan: The desperate scramble to escape @BBC News live 🔴 BBC

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It's Saturday 21 August 2021. Our top stories this morning 0:00

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Good old BBC, never mentioned Biden was on holiday

Author — rickwood65


Biden is a nightmare. Raab is not the issue, US communications are very very poor. The BBC continues to do its usual varnish job. Defund the BBC, and let's have some proper news.

Author — Al White


BBC, your reporting on Biden is too soft. He has made callous comments and blatant lies that you are choosing to not report on. Shame on you.

Author — Aqua77


Biden: "If these people could just make it to our southern border with Mexico they could get back in with no problems"....

Author — harry lazard


BBC must be proud of themselves. They did everything they could to get Biden elected.

Author — gilkesisking


Biden in July: it will be a safe and organized withdrawel
BBC August Headline: "The Desperate Scramble to Escape"

Author — Talot


Biden looks like a 100 year old man in a week.

Author — JoJa T


Senile President, incompetent Vice President and rookies running the state Dept. What could possibly go wrong?

Author — Joe G


Your neighbor burns 3 bedrooms of your 4 bedroom house... then assures you he's a hero by saying he'll put out the fire

Author — NIO Shareholder


Just remember, BBC is not innocent in all this.

Author — Ace Buhr


Thanks Joe. The whole 🌎🌍 is less safe today thanks to you!!

Author — Toby Rock


Look at that weatherman, I’d say he’s definitely a rainbow 🌈 warrior.

Author — kookaburrakookaburra


Taliban Leader -"Could you leave behind all of your Blackhawk helicopters, tanks, HUMV's, missiles, bombs, grenades,
assault weapons and ammo when you leave. Wed like to have them."
Biden- "Sure. I'll also leave behind 15, 000 Americans for you to babysit if that is OK".

Author — wandering spirit


Surely, holiday is more important. Ask Joe.

Author — Raymond Chan


After this chaos… Who would trust Biden and his government if there was a crisis on American soil? 🤔

Author — 12235117657598502586


The same governments that are handling the COVID mess

Author — Charles


If Biden didn't have the teleprompter, he would have crumbled.

Author — Domenico Crossman


Biden has made America into super power to laughing stock

Author — Kop Lfc


President Biden and senior leaders need to resign soon!

Author — Matthew Wilkinson


Trump had a decent withdrawal plan as he did successfully when he withdrew troops from other countries. Biden did the lowest disgraceful act and pulled the troops without any care or plans for US citizens, military equipment or Afghan interpreters etc.

Author — Buddy Hell