When will Turkey develop the bomb?

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This video inspects the possibility of Turkey developing the big bomb and build up its WMD arsenal. When might that happen? What route could Turkey take? And just what is needed for a country to achieve such a goal? Watch the video to learn more through various historical examples and exploration of the whole technological process.
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Russian RT-2UTTKh Topol M

Castle Romeo test
United States Department of Energy [Public domain]

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💬 Comments on the video

Turkey can easily get nucleer weapon from Pakistan. Ballistic missile technologies are more important.

Author — uyu Staley


Israel is that kid on the playground, who gets his big brother to beat up other kids when he’s threatened.

Author — Selim Veli


No one:
Absolutly no one:
Pakistan comment section: heeey, wanna have some fresh nukes my turkish brotheeer?

Author — SaviOr747


We support turkey love respect from Pakistan

Author — Long live Pakistan


Turkey has the nuclear option up its sleeve with Pakistan as its back garden.

Author — Mohammed Abid


Turkey signed a dozen agreement with Ukraine about nuclear sphere, turkish students would be study nuclear energy in ukrainian universities and special research centers. Turkey also order a engines from ukrainian firm Progress for their new flying rocket

Author — PraetorianUkr


Turkey mean Pakistan, nuclear Pakistan means nuclear Turkey there is no difference

Author — Zeeshan Zarozai


We Pakistani support Turkey whether it's Nuclear or conventional War or Evan Creating it's own Nuclear Bombs.

Author — Pakhtoon Khan


Israel : Builds Nukes
West : No Problem dear

Turkey : I dreamed a nuke last night.
West : I'm about to destroy his whole career.

Author — Zain Khalid


Don't worry Turkey, We've got your back ;-)
Much love from Pakistan <3

Author — SexPolice101


Pakistan has nuclear weapons and missle with ranges upto 3000 plus km and pakistan and Turkey have a good relationship between them if they agree to work together turkey nuclear program will be quick and easy and if they work together they can develop icbms and other high tech weaponry it's a win win solution

Author — Taha Ahmed


Israel has it even though it is against international agreements; why should not Turkey have it?

Author — lion lion


Whether Turkey has Nukes or not, I do believe that the current Turkish drone program(S) have a much higher real combat value. Especially with A.I. and swarm drones. A lot of potential there, which might/Will revolutionize modern warfare.

Author — Er O


Erdogan said something deeper, he said nuke capable nations use this as deterrent at the same time as they invade and bomb other nations at will, this is unacceptable. Thats the unacceptable part, and the possibility of this being applied to Turkey and being vulnerable for this "scheme" is unacceptable. If nuke nations keep this up then nations like Turkey should be able to go nuclear as well.. he has ofcourse a point. Western news made it appear childish and as one person wanting nukes.

Author — Zionist World Order


I could imagine that Pakistan might work with Turkey since they have Great relations

Author — Freddy Jump and run


we are turks, we dont need nukes, but if we go in war with a nuclear power country, than our pakistani brothers and sisters gave us their nukes

Author — Cali Fornia


Don't bother with all that stuff. Just it from Pakistan. Both countries are like brothers and the relationship is at all time high.
The video missed this crucial point.

Author — Zain Ul Abideen


You'll never know whether Turkey will have or already have nuclear weapons, just like iran. Because this is an instable region, no one would disclose such an information.

Author — XXVII


The question is why now? The first thing is that Iran has the ballistic capability to hit Turkey and is developing nukes. As everyone knows they are also pretty active in terms of insurgent groups in the middle east which is concerning for Turkey. Israel also can hit Turkey and also has nukes. If Turkey doesn't have any nukes that it can trust then how will it defend itself from the mess in the middle east? So, the chain reaction that you speak of won't come from Turkey's nuclear ambitions, but it has already come because of Iran's & Israel's nuclear ambitions. Secondly, the NATO/US nukes were sufficient to such a threat before the tensions between the West and Turkey showed otherwise. For example, the US didn't sell patriot defence systems to Turkey which has an ageing air force, which made Turkey buy its long-range air defence systems from Russia then the US said they won't sell F35s either. Spain threatened Turkey after the Op. Olive Branch to take their own patriot air defence systems back. Germany is not selling the parts needed to produce the first batch of the Altay tanks. All of these things mean that Turkey cannot trust its so-called western "allies" anymore. And if you say that ooh but they shouldn't have intervened in Syria, is this really your opinion? Would your own country really allow its longest border to be this unstable, wouldn't your own country want a buffer zone between your own border and the shitshow going on in Syria? Also, anything happens in Syria affects Turkey the most (immigrants flee towards Turkey the most for example, PKK/YPG/whatever you call it gains territory and power which had many civilian bombings in Turkey and many more consequences), so do you really think Turkey shouldn't do anything about it?

Author — Outofthisrock


I believe turkey has the know how of building a nuke

Author — Truth In your face