Gravitas: Most sophisticated sting op in history

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800 criminals were arrested from 700 locations after a blitzkrieg of raids in Europe, Australia & New Zealand. Crime lords were duped by an FBI-run messaging app they believed to be safe. WION's Palki Sharma tells you how the operation unfolded.

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When are they going to arrest the corrupt politicians.

Author — alien Grey


If the FBI can do this, why can't they do anything about Hunter Biden's laptop?

Author — Ben Nevis


Sounds like we need these phones for our politicians

Author — A_Chained_Angel


They forgot the US politicians, media and social media giants.

Author — Joseph Whatley


FBI actually can do this? Why don't they go after criminal politicians and their families then?

Author — Sam Hunt


If the FBI can catch all these underground criminals from the underworld then why haven’t they sorted out the corruption in the recent 2020 election

Author — William Davis


I remember seeing scrawled upon a prison wall, "The big crims lock up the little crims."

Author — Bill Hesford


Yet the FBI can’t sort out Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Author — SgtBooker44


That's why some people can buy million dollar homes and the people who really working hard can't even afford a decent place to live 😠.

Author — Denise Taylor


Great, when are they going to arrest the other criminals? Hedge fund managers, politicians, bankers and the like?

Author — Des Artiss


Now if we could do a sting op on our deepest 3 Letter orgs n agencies! Drain the Swamp.

Author — Umpqua-4 Freedom


I don't believe anything the FBI says after the Clinton e mail cover up

Author — MrBillFletcherr


Well, that trick won't ever work again. Let's tell everyone and brag about how we did it.

Author — youkissmygrits


They don’t arrest the criminals. They arrest their opponents.

Author — Nahil Dolen


Now those who did the arresting get to “plunder legally” their money and property.

Author — David


Every phone spies on you, even if you think it's off. That's why that stopped allowing the battery to be removed.

Author — LibertyMatrix


End the tree from root, not the branches, however branch grow back again.

Author — ASIF


Well, a good run for a sting operation to arrest the government officials that have violated our contractual civil rights against the people.



When are the criminal world leaders going to get arrested!?

Author — DeanMartin 64


And now that they have taken possession, the government will now be the sole distributor.

Author — blairbushproject