2013 Moore EF5 Tornado Synced

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This video tells the story of the 2013 Moore EF5 tornado, utilising synchronised videos of the May 20th tornado for a scientific, synoptic-scale, mesoscale and microscale meteorological overview. By displaying the evolution of this historic tornado using synced footage, I hope this video can give an insight into the various transitions the tornado went through, and the events that occurred during it's life. This video also examines the history of tornadoes in the Oklahoma City area, looking at the 1999 F5 Bridge Creek - Moore tornado.

YouTube Playlist of all Synchronised Footage in Chronological Order:
Facebook Video (Police Dashcam):
1999 Moore Tornado Footage Playlist:


Sequence of Events:
00:00 History/Synopsis.
2:53 A funnel cloud is visible near the town of Newcastle.
4:00 The tornado fully condenses for the first time.
5:21 The tornado crosses 32nd Street, power-flashes are visible.
6:00 The tornado impacts several houses on 35th Terrace at high-end EF4 intensity.
9:30 The tornado crosses the Canadian River.
9:56 The tornado begins crossing I-44, several power-flashes are visible.
11:00 The tornado begins tracking across relatively unpopulated land.
15:30 The tornado crosses May Avenue, entering more heavily populated areas at high-end EF4 intensity.
20:30 The tornado crosses Pennsylvania Avenue, inflicting high-end EF4 damage to several houses.
22:15 The tornado strikes a collection of oil tanks, lofting several of them up to a mile away.
23:00 The tornado crosses Western Avenue.
23:20 The tornado impacts Orr Family Farm at high-end EF4 intensity; windrowing occurs.
25:00 Tornadic winds begin to impact the Westmoor Neighbourhood.
25:46 A power-flash occurs as the tornado impacts Briarwood Elementary School.
26:03 Two more power-flashes occur as the tornado enters the densely populated suburbs of Moore.
26:15 The tornado inflicts EF5 damage to several houses in the Westmoor neighbourhood.
26:30 The tornado crosses Santa Fe Avenue.
27:00 The tornado continues inflicting high-end EF4/EF5 damage to homes in the Westmoor neighbourhood.
27:15 The tornado impacts Plaza Towers Elementary School at high-end EF4 strength.
28:00 The tornado continues North-East, crossing the Tom Strouhal Little River.
30:30 The tornado loops just West of the Moore Medical Center, inflicting EF5 damage to four homes.
31:00 The tornado impacts the Moore Medical Center.
31:20 The tornado crosses I-35.
31:45 The tornado crosses Broadway Street.
32:20 The tornado enters the East Moore Suburbs at high-end EF4 strength.
32:45 Several power-flashes occur as the tornado inflicts EF5 damage to a home.
32:55 The tornado crosses Eastern Avenue
33:30 The tornado continues inflicting EF4 damage in East Moore.
33:50 The tornado impacts Highland East Junior High School.
35:00 The tornado crosses Bryant Avenue.
36:10 The tornado impacts a large, well-built house at EF5 intensity, a power-flash occurs.
36:30 The tornado crosses Sunnylane.
37:45 The tornado inflicts EF4 damage to a house.
39:05 The tornado crosses Sooner Road.
39:30 The tornado tracks onwards towards Stanley Draper lake into sparsely populated areas.
43:00 The tornado begins to rope out.
43:30 The tornado dissipates.
43:55 Afterword.

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Apologies for the advertisements on the video. The video got copyrighted which means an external company are the ones who have put ads on the video, not me. I just wanted to mention this as I would never monetise other people's footage. It's personally would seem like quite a scummy thing to do.

Author — SirTumbl3


This is very well put together, definitely appreciate the documentaries that play out in real time. Most insightful way to show an event in history

Author — Bryce Edward Brown


I'm impressed at how you not only synced the videos, but took the time to credit and link to the original uploaders. I'll definitely be subscribing to you.

Author — Scott W


Still gives me chills all these years later. When this actually happened, this tornado was between me at work, and my daughter being babysat by my mom. Nothing more terrifying than being seperated from your child with death steamrolling toward them.

Author — Trace Keene-Latham


I'm still in awe how fast this thing went from a tiny rope into a huge wedge

Author — Quartz Universe


I’ve lived in Oklahoma all my life. Half of my neighborhood was totally destroyed by just just an EF3 in 2010.

I think it’s horrible there are NO public shelters. It’s terrifying living in an apartment and watching this video and hearing them say “you’re not safe unless you’re underground.” It should also be a requirement that schools have safe rooms.

Author — krystal


"abandon where you are if you can not get below ground." Can't imagine the fear of an EF4/EF5 bearing down on you and hearing that.

Author — Matt


I remember coming home from school to my family freaking out cause we didn’t know if our cousins there were dead or not. Oklahoma and a lot of states in tornado alley NEED to invest more into public shelters. It would save a lot of people’s lives and heartbreak

Author — A F


John: “I’m gonna tell you exactly where this is, this is right at my house”

Timecard: “Tornado impacts a large, well built house at EF5 intensity”

Author — DoubleDworth


Tornado season is here and this was recommended to me today. Glad that YouTube reminds me every year that it's tornado season in Oklahoma with these videos

Author — DonovanHaumpy


39:23 - Those poor birds flying as hard as they can

Author — Furious321


I went to Moore a few days after to look at the damage. I'll never forget the neighborhood behind the Warren Theatre. It was an entire neighborhood of nothing but concrete slabs.

When they say get under ground, run, or die. They mean it.

Author — Tekashi Trades


Your taste in music for these videos is stellar. Similar to the music quality in Pecos Hank's work. It's a great relief from other attempts at dramatic media, and I thank you for that.

Author — nalla


I remember when I was school that day it was a bright sunny day when I was at recess. And a hour later when I went outside to go to my next class it was dark and cloudy and that’s when my classmates started getting called to the office to get checked out from school.

Author — I am vappey


This is the type of tornado that haunts my nightmares & deepest fears. One so large you can no longer tell where it’s at, just a giant dark cloud. It’s everywhere. Shits terrifying.

Author — Kalmer Olsen


Trying to get 3 of my kids outta if 3 schools that day and get underground that day. You talking about fear. The air was thick, you couldn’t breathe or hear, ears popping. It was hard running into safety the winds were so strong. I had to hold my kids and try to run. Omg!! PTSD!!! RIP to all the children and all whom parished on that horrific day.😭😭😭😭😭

Author — Tammie Willard


Imagine people hiding in closets or any safe spot in their homes and then listen "The only way youll survive is getting out of its way or going below ground, safe room, Thats IT, nothing else is going to do it"

Author — kam Frayre


Whenever a new compilation comes out, it's a genuine treat

Author — RichVid


As an european i had the illusion they would only be on ground for a couple of minutes and moving very fast. but THIS was 40 minutes of terror for those in Moore. Awesome work to put all the clips together.

Author — Ric Walker


"It's going right over my house so I called my wife to make sure my family is sa-" WE'RE GOING TO EMILY! EMILY, GO!

Author — George Cook