Israeli couple in Turkey: 48 decisive hours

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Natalie and Mordy Oknin risk remaining in detention in Turkey for years

The next 48 hours will be "critical" for securing the release of an Israeli couple detained in Turkey on suspicion of spying after photographing the presidential palace, Israeli media reported on Sunday, citing officials.

According to these sources, if the incident is not resolved within this timeframe, Natalie and Mordy Oknin arrested on Thursday risk remaining in detention in Turkey for years.

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leave them in there a while longer. it will build character.

Author — Arslan


Welldone tutkey MIT. You have to give a lesson to

Love u turkey❤❤❤❤

Author — Fal Khal


I hope this Israel couple will be released in the end.

Author — Anıl Erden


I stand with Israel and The Jewish People as I always have and always will for I'm a proud Zionist and freedom lover therefore Israel and The Jewish People will always have my support and love God Bless The Jewish People, God Bless Judaism God Bless Zionism God Bless Israel

Author — chervine Amouie


they are free.. it is ilegal doing this world wide

Author — x00xy x00xy


Sad Please God 🙏 your will be Done
as your Angels protect Isreal. I want to stand in the Gap for this Family please bring home safely in Jesus name Amen🙏❣️
Isreal call out to God to heal your land❣️🙏
Isreal call out to God for forgiveness of Sins ❣️🙏
Isreal call out to God as a nation for help❣️🙏
Dear God please Here our collective cry!!❣️🙏

Author — D K


We need to be smart to defeat Israel. It’s not physical battle anymore It's intellectual battle. And israel is doing very well in this.

Author — Sarowar


How come you go a foreign land and locate house of the president of that country's leader and take photos ?

Author — Abdu yf


Erodgon wants attention. Israel should give it to him by stopping all trade with Turkey which is sizable. The Turkish economy is already poor. Make it poorer and maybe the Turkish people with get rid of him.

Author — Sydney Lechienne