Could the modern Polish military survive the German invasion of 1939? (part 1 of the series)

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Panzer II Aus F (Chassis No 28434) (modified work)

Leopard 2 A4 Dresden (modified work)

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Funniest thing would be to see Nazi soldier looking at label on Polish Leopard tank: "Made in Germany"

Author — Grognog


You forgot one important factor - the night. Polish jets would be able to perform night raids deep into Germany and destroy main airfields, army groups, supply lines, kill important commanders. Modern spec ops would be practically immortal at night dealing heavy damage behind the enemy lines. Same with tanks. Most of modern day military offensive against III Reich could take place when it's dark.

Author — GinsengStrip2002


imagine being a german, pulling up to Poland and seeing basically every soldier have a assault rifle

Author — Cerebli


Day 1: Polish jets flying at 30, 000 feet drop guided bombs and assassinate Hitler. The end.

Author — TSD4027


I can feel someone making a mod in hoi4

Author — jef santiago


i think its would be interesting to see both the soviet and german designers who are able to capture an intact modern poland equipment and be like "WE DESIGNED THIS?!"

Author — NerdCoreJm


Imagine being in a Panzer 1 and fighting a Leopard 2

Author — BruhThunderVine


Perhaps Britain and France would actually help this time.

Just kidding

Author — pain


Oh, you want to fight cold war weaponry with WW2 weaponry? Just play War Thunder.

Author — ddontworyboutit


Next: What if the Romans had electromagnetic weapons...

Author — ThePotatoMan


Dolphins are returning to Italy

Meanwhile in Poland:

Author — Wilmer Palada Jr.


I think this analysis is pretty good, but it misses one very key aspect: The Polish air force could bomb anything in Germany at will. The first target would probably be the place where a man with a funny moustache lived and worked, followed by every headquarters building, communications node, major supply depot etc. that Poland knew existed. Shortly after, the attacks would shift to airfields, and the bulk of the Luftwaffe would be destroyed on the ground.

The German army may continue to follow whatever invasion plan was already worked out, but they wouldn't be able to adapt to new situations. Almost certainly, all of the army-level headquarters would be destroyed, and I imagine division-level headquarters would be wiped out for the most part as well. This would leave the task of coordinating the war to brigade commanders, communicating via couriers. It would be entirely unmanageable; strategic and operational decision-making would essentially cease. Even basic logistical tasks, like feeding the army, may become impossible, as the headquarters that planned the logistics are systematically wiped out.

The real question is not: "Could Poland defend itself?" but "How long would it take Poland to compel unconditional surrender?"

Author — JZ909


When Germany invades Poland, but Poland has German Tanks from the future:
*sichtbare Verwirrung*

Author — Francesco Boselli


Older Sam's would hit regardless they had a low accuracy because of tactics used by JET planes. Jet being the key word in the sentence. You fly an f22 like an idiot and those old Sam's will get you 100% of the time

Author — joseph gallo


The Polish army with Soviet equipment in the 50s and 60s could likely thwart the 1939 invasion. The Polish air force would have jets and all kinds of anti-tank capabilities that would make mince meat out of German early war armor.

Author — Craig Walenta


One assumption is unrealistic. Poland would never give up Gdansk (Danzig), so the ground forces wouldn't position themselves so far from the border.
For the rest of the starting conditions, it would be illogical to fight defensive war with smaller but superior force. Instead, you would want to remove enemy's capability of waging war by strikes on main airfields and strategic industry. Could very well destroy Reichstag for psychological effect while you're at it. You don't need precision strike munitions to do that in early WWII environment, iron bombs dropped with precision of modern avionics would suffice. If that wouldn't suffice, ground forces could attack enemy command centers which should be identifiable using sigint, with artillery and armored forces capable of taking out near ones, and air assault force taking our more remote ones. Basically, it should be strategy directed against command structure, effectively collapsing it and at the same time putting threat on Hitler and his staff themselves.
As for the direct combat capabilities, we are not talking about late WWII equipment. It's 1936 iteration of armor, guns and aircraft. Tank and AT guns of that period would have hard time of doing more than superficial damage to modern armor. Modern infantry with armoured vehicles would have advantage of range, mobility, visibility, especially at night, and troops protection. Aircraft of early WWII era would be easily destroyed by autocannon fire from beyond their defensive range and in a pinch even close pass with supersonic speed would tear up their airframes. The only problem would be sheer size of German army. Polish forces would run out of ammunition or be overrun if fighting stationary defensive war.

Author — Krzysztof Lis


Nah, Poland couldn't have fended off an German invasion, even with a modern army.

But it's a different story when the Winged Hussars Arrive.

Author — Sarge


RIP to that polish factory worker trying to fix a Leopard 2 from the future.

Author — Potato Pants


A German NCO radios back to HQ that he is encountering heavy resistance from "Space Poles who sold their souls for power, " and requests for a contingent of priests to be sent in for support.

Author — just robin


Doesn't seem likely that Stalin would even attempt the SU attack after having seen how a 1.5 million strong German army was obliterated in just one week...

Author — bilgyno1