TSX Master List - 22 Of The BEST Stocks To Buy In CANADA

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Today we'll cover some of the best 22 stocks to buy here in Canada.

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About Brandon Beavis:

Brandon Beavis was one of the youngest advisors to become fully licensed here in Canada.

In 2013, Brandon officially began his industry studies. Over the years he has completed his CSC (Canadian Securities Course), CPH (Conduct & Practices Handbook), WME (Wealth Management Essentials), 90-day Investment Advisor Training Program, attended the Manulife Professional Development Workshop in Oakville, ON, and attended countless industry seminars, conferences & events to help further his learning.

At age 20, he became a fully licensed Investment Advisor, working for one of Canada’s largest Investment Brokers, Manulife Securities. For 4 years, he worked alongside a highly experienced team at Beavis Wealth Management, specializing in High-Net-Worth Investing. He’s had the opportunity to work under his Father, an advisor of over 25 years, and has dealt hands-on with client portfolios, involving; analyzing, building, and managing multi-million-dollar client accounts.


About Marc Beavis:

Marc is a retired Portfolio Manager, having spent over 25 years in the investment industry, managing multi-million-dollar portfolios and working with clients of all ages. He retired in 2021 and is a regular contributor to this channel.

Following his initial licensing back in 1996, he completed a number of industry courses, including the Derivatives Fundamentals and Options Licensing Course, Portfolio Management Techniques, Wealth Management Essentials, Investment Management Techniques, Fixed Income Investing, Hedge Fund Essentials, Portfolio Theory, and of course, the Canadian Securities Course.

Marc previously served as a Director of the Canadian Association of Financial Planners (Now FP Canada) including the roles of Vice President and Director of Ethics.

When working in the industry, he held the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) Designation as offered by the Canadian Securities Institute. In addition, Marc was a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) practitioner, the industry gold standard in financial planning.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions shared on this channel are for informational and educational purposes only. Although previously licensed, the contributors are no longer industry participants and are not licensed to provide financial advice. They strive to provide you with educational information in an entertaining manner. Always do your own research and due diligence before investing. Generally speaking, you should consult a licensed investment professional before investing.

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What stocks did I leave off this list? Let me know down below! :D

Author — Brandon Beavis Investing



Author — Jeremie Roy


Finally, the YouTube algorithm brought me a good channel !!

Author — First Take Sports


Should include BEP/BEPC(growth/dividend) and RSI for a dividend play

Author — Steve N.


As someone who’s been holding LOOP since .40 a share, patience will be key with this one. Big things coming

Author — Raff Falco


Awesome channel. Thanks for bringing us amazing content.🇨🇦❤️

Author — Nadia Kali


Just found this channel a under 2 weeks, and man you’re a God sent. I just opened a TD direct investment A/C. I like TD bank over BMO that i’ve bern with for almost a decade. Good content bro, now I know some great companies to invest in. Thanks 😊

Author — Jojo margaux


Could you do a list on Companies that work on A.I. ?

Author — Luis-Carlos Ferrigno


PPC Ian gave a shout out to your channel today on his latest video so I had to check you out. Your Canadian stock list is pretty solid overall. Three of my favorite stocks not on your list are two consumer stocks (MRU and ATD.B) and a Halifax-based utility (EMA).

Author — Stuart Neill


Thank you. I will recommend to my friends! Great view for Canadians!

Author — 오렌지 팝


EQB is one of my favourites but it recently was delisted from Wealthsimple :( GSY is another one of my favourite financials

Author — The Passionate Saver


Thanks for your insights Brandon. Great advice.

Author — Elsa Stewart


22!?!??! Christmas came early this year 🎄🎄🎄

Author — Franky T.


Thanks for this, why don’t you post same kind of video for US stocks as well. Most of us invest in both US and Canadian stocks and trying to keep a balance.

Author — Vana Deep


I am surprised you didn't name ENB since it has been a stock you have consistently recommended as a buy

Author — lucky247365


Thanks for your hard work and insight. I was wondering if you looked at Shaw Communication. I am currently building my position and am quite confident with it.

Author — Gordon Tally


Hi Brandon, when I bought PLTH.CN stock this summer (2020) it was $2.60 now (Dec 2020) it is at $8.01. - From Wikipedia: Planet 13 Holdings, Inc. is a cannabis company based in Nevada. On Nov 1, 2018, the company opened its cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas which became the largest cannabis dispensary in the world at 112, 000 square feet.

Author — Eyes on the Prize


Lol so far alot of the top 10 loooks like my portfolio

Author — Lee Miller


I like your video, but I prefer monthly dividends over quarterly dividends. You should do a monthly dividend video.

Author — HBH 2


Really good video. No hype stocks, in line with your investment philosophy. Appreciate that the best.

Author — Ashwin Kaklij