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It's Tuesday 30 March. Our top stories this morning 0:00

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has joined more than 20 world leaders in calling for a new global settlement to help the world prepare for future pandemics.

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The pandemic is like a soap that had a strong first season, but then the plot and actors became so crap and unbelievable that the ratings plummeted.

Author — Valelacerte


Using black celebs to tell black peoples to have the jab. They are more privileged than over 80% of British public and probably paid to do so.

Author — Paul Dunne


I've got an idea for a treaty, how about letting the people who elected the government's and pays for the government's and police forces and armies have their lives back? Just a suggestion

Author — MrJustbrowsing12345


"Global" settlement. Well THAT doesn't sound creepy or New World Orderish, at all.

Author — Heidleberg


A pandemic so deadly, we need government sponsored advertising to convince us to take the jab. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Author — CastleKnight7


If they are uniting against us, then it's sure time to unite against them.

Author — Pirvog Compost


A condescending message from adults to other adults is not a good look tbh.

Author — David Lawrence


Just imagine having the bbc patronise you with its bameathon to get your jab.

Author — Dirty Ralph . Dance


Thought there already was an international plan: Media manipulation, Lock everybody up, close everything, sod human rights.

Author — Withnail's Ghost


If BBC told me it was daytime I’d have to look out my window to verify

Author — Will P


Yea.... kinda tough to prove where it came from when you wait a year to investigate lmao

Author — Luckyninja Spring


Do not feel pressured in getting vaccinated if u don’t want it

Author — futurepast1


Hey that sounds like a bad idea.

Unfortunately this story is about 30 years late. The Davos gang know exactly what they’re doing, and more importantly WE KNOW.
That’s why we ain’t getting out of lockdown until the vaccine passport is ready to roll out.

Author — illGottenGains


An international new world order by any chance ? 👀😂

Author — Freedom Awaits


People don't believe this treaty can make the situation around the world better, people are not stupid...

Author — Svetlana Giri


They will never tell the truth it would cause a war!

Author — Missy Moth


Watching the news is like a hoover that sucks all the happy little bunnies inside each one of us, and you become a worry bucket, play pool instead

Author — Jamel Taras


We had two civil wars because of rogue Kings. Now we have a rogue Parliament.

Author — Dave Barker


Like they've not been coordinating since way before this pandemic behaviour started.

Author — partybiscuit


Majority of people have no idea how applied psychology has been used on them to normalise and agree to all that is happening. All those people who are shouting “he should have locked down sooner” are agreeing for a policy of permanent (immediate/short notice) lockdowns in the future. People should be very careful what they agree to. Lockdowns should be rejected full stop. Humans cannot live in a perpetual state of unknowing and disconnection.

Author — L Amelie Santiago