15 Emerging Technologies that Will Change the World

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Technology is progressing faster than ever, with ground-breaking new ideas being explored every day. From floating farms to edge computing, here are the 15 most incredible emerging technologies.


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15. Spin Launch - 0:15
14. Graphene - 1:59
13. GPS 3 - 3:33
12. Floating Farms - 4:53
11. Edge Computing - 6:21
10. Self-Healing Concrete - 8:11
9. Hydrogen Fuel Cells - 9:36
8. Satellite Constellations - 11:02
7. GPT-3 - 12:17
6. Connected Homes - 13:33
5. Lithium Metal Battery - 14:46
4. 3D Printing - 15:59
3. Blockchain - 17:14
2. Fighting Fire with Sound - 18:27
1. Quantum Computing - 19:39

Author — BroadcastDr


as somebody with a comp sci degree and a decent amount of irl experience i will say edge computing is problematic at its core because client side workload like this is a huge security breach. this is why even online video games avoid client side scripting. it is a huge vector for exploit. it is always interesting to watch a video like this because you are blown away when you listen regarding these other technologies you may not know allot about but when they cover a technology you know about you realize you must question the quality of the info in the other cases where you cannot determine the quality yourself

Author — braf zachland


15. Satellite catapult (SpinLaunch) 14. Graphene 13. GPS3 12. Floating farms 11. Edge computing 10. Self healing concrete 9. Hydrogen fluel cells 8. Satellite constellations 7. GPT-3 6. Connected homes 5. Lithium metal battery 4. 3D Printing 3. Blockchain 2. Fighting fire with sound 1. Quantum computing

Author — Prinz Jakob


Self-Healing Concrete is on paper a really good idea. There is just one small problem with it and comes from the fact that we are not using limestone for buildings as limestone has this one tiny problem with being rather frail. Yes it will make the concrete last a big longer, but it will also make it harder to see where the weaknesses of the structure is and only really postpone the disaster, if at all.

Author — Dargonaxable


I'd really appreciate a study into the potential advantages of META Materials in manipulating light, EMF, heat and even replacing silicon as semiconductors. Nearly every industry can benefit from the improvements and cost reductions, META Materials can provide. Really enjoy your videos, thank you!

Author — Ben T


The fire suppression without water was incredible. It could save many lives and property especially if it could be auto activated like a heat detector. Imagine how much property and how many sleeping people could be saved, especially if this had a built in alarm and was rigged to keep hallways clear of fire. What an invention....WOW.

Author — Harvey Holloway


I think you forgot nuclear fusion. This could be the major game changer over all the others if they achieve the goal of mantain the reaction lighted and seems that they are very close to do it

Author — Roberto Casarini


10, 000 G's to launch? Wow, what kind of engineering challenges will they have to overcome just for that?

Author — Fritz Smith


Graphene, I think is by far the coolest technology we've had in awhile. The possibilities are insane, lighter stronger aircraft for planet and off planet transport, vehicles, Building structure, armed services which Includes ammo and armor ect. The fact this substance has properties that are effected by the addition of electrical properties and already has a clear like appearance sounds alot like something I've heard and seen in a movie! How many of you out there just sit back and wonder what kind of person comes up with this stuff!???

Author — James Parker


Floating farms will block the sunlight reaching coastal marine benthic life, which may absolutely have a negative impact if and when implemented large-scale.

Author — Samuel Avraham


Very low power neuromorphic processors such as intel's Loihi etc will reduce the power consumption of data centres for machine learning applications to a thousandth of its current levels by replacing GPUs. That would be interesting to cover here 😀

Author — Richard French


The 220φ engine accelerates the ions confined in a loop to moderate the relatarvistic speeds, and then varies their velocity to make slight changes to their mass. The 221φ engine then moves ions back and forth to produce ions, thus traveling in a vacuum line, so give the goose his gander.
We could reliably get ~94% efficiency with a closed loop superheated steam system harvesting exhaust heat from a small jet engine and got just below 96% efficiency in some ideal test cases. The main limiting factors were that the discs had to be designed to stretch uniformly without distorting at ~40k RPM and that the gaps between the disks had to be designed for an incredibly specific set of operating parameters (steam temp, pressure, velocity, etc.). FJB !!

Author — U.S. Paratroops


Thank you so much for giving me hope for my children’s and grandchildren’s and great grandchildren’s future. If we can solve the fascist way our government may be going, then we will be able to solve the rest. This was amazing. Where besides here (thank you) are these things being talked about? It’s so sad that companies have to compete instead of cooperating. Very well done for the video, and if this channel is only the distributor, thank you!

Author — Fi and me


You guys are really pushing all these great new inventions that will keep track of us all every second of every day until we die, aren't you? That's helpful. Thanks.

Author — Lisa Bevans


I suggest the exact same technologies should be presented on this channel… with the entire focus being the downside risks associated with each. Not all change is good. Much is, but not all. Top 15 Risks of the Top 15 Emerging Technologies is a video I look forward to, too.

Author — Dreamer Thinker


I love the one about the hydrogen fuel cells....Considering this technology has been around for about 20 years...Just hasn't been used, due to a lack of pressure on the industry, and the fact that the patent was buried by large corporate interests.

Author — bradmccallum1


Great video, very interesting subjects, some of these might drastically change our world.
4:53 Floating farms - perhaps the most creative and innovative idea of them all?
(except that they have been used in Latin America since ancient times)

Author — Lars Ronæs


My uncle was a professional writer and he told me about hang-on-the-wall widescreen TV's...in 1963. There are many on-going projects, but 'breakthru's' are not normally a part of them. Serendipity and happenstance are as important as dull, planned, research. Remember that apple that conked Newton on the head (if that ever occurred), causing him to consider gravity or more importantly: the fig newton.

Author — thomas aquinas


Starlink is already a problem for far looking into the universe, the search for big astroids that can threathen the world and finding planets outside our solar system, they tend to - get in the way - and are a nuisance for the observatories...

Author — SomeoneCool2


I was totally shocked that Fusion power generation wasn't included - possibly as big a leap as quantum computing in its impact on humanity.

Author — Ride TheCurve