LOVING local life in CAPPADOCIA | Van Life TURKEY

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We are really enjoying our time here in Cappadocia and we get to experience some real home cooked food, as we continue exploring this wonderful region of Turkey.

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Travel vlog 324 | Local Life | Cappadocia | Country 30/197

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💬 Comments on the video

WOW can't believe we have been chosen as creator on the rise today. Thank you everyone for your support and welcome to our new subscribers who have just found us - exciting travels ahead ! Chris & Marianne xx

Author — TREAD the globe


I've never understood the misconceptions of travelling in Turkey. I grew up in the UK, then lived in the USA and have spent the last twenty years living in Turkey. I've travelled to each and every corner of this beautiful country. I've never once had any problem whatsoever. The hospitality shown in this video is not for affect, the Turkish people really are incredibly welcoming.

Author — Michael Yeovil


In the 80s and 90s I back packed Europe Parts of Asia The USA mexico and more a question I always got asked was what was your favorite country and for all these years since I ALWAYS said that Turkish people were my favorite people that I me and traveled in. I am relay happy that this has not changed. I will be back in Turkey before I die, LOL hopefully .

Author — Nonie Watson


Just so impressed with the Turkish people. I can't believe how friendly, hospitable, and nice they are. I've never really considered putting Turkey on my list of countries to visit, but now I'm very excited to visit one day. 😀🇺🇸

Author — Gary Black


I want to say a huge big thank you to you both... I live in Spain! suffering with the heat the same as you... mind you I'm not getting up that early... haha.... You have completely changed my perceptions of Turkey... beautiful country! Take care!

Author — maria parker


Turkey is such a beautiful country we saw one of your videos right after the release of lockdown in Istanbul and were encouraged to fly to Turkey from Japan on our world Tour. We have love our month long stay in turkey but we didn't make it to Cappadocia because we heard a lot of the activities were cancelled till October or so we cancelled last minute and went to Istanbul from Izmir sooner. Looks like such a cool natural place we'll have to come back but at least this time we got to enjoy the Turkish coast which is STUNNING! Cheers from Ukraine now!

Author — DjusLife


I love yours energy and when you together Lough.. hello from Bosnia

Author — derim uzbrdica


Wow another wonderful Turkey video.. we love it😍😍

Author — I&A unterwegs


so hospitable Turkish new friends you got there! I love that Atillas cave house! 😍, hope someday I can visit. My nephews wife is from Turkey.

Author — margarita sun


Hello! Watching from Norway. This is one of the many reasons why we should visit Cappadocia. I would like to experience to stay in those cave rooms. :) Lovely! It's in our travel bucketlist.

Author — Tonggo Traveller


Lovely video. Highlights: puppy love, tour of the cave hotel, food and explaination of cooking methods, cat digging help, punching up tour guides, Turkish hospitality. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Author — Kathi Foy


I love the "oh hello... you're still there?" Phrase...It's hilarious. It makes me laugh every time! 😂 Love your videos...I can't wait for the next one. 🤗

Author — Dreams


I really enjoyed this show - didn't want it to end
I especially loved Atillas place, the eclectic look is my specialty
The food looked soo tasty as usual and very kind of the family to cook for you
Marianne- you just are a cat and dog magnet 😄
I will definitely be in touch with the two travel specialists
You really are having such an AMAZING time !!
Cant wait to see more of your adventures in Turkey- the kindness of the Turkish people is so good to see in this uncertain time
Angela, Derbyshire 🐝🌈🇬🇧🤗xxxx

Author — Angela Locke


Beautiful old town, i really love that old style living. I could happily live like that. So beautiful Capodachia, is so beautiful.😀👍❤❤❤❤❤

Author — fiana jojiana


I have been Capadocia 4 times and as a couple we really loved there. From my last trip, i can highly recommend you a resturant which serves really delicious foods. It is the Konak kebap ve Corba Evi at Avanos. The other thing i would like recommend you to do a turkish name 'ATV turu' especially to see amazing sunset in Goreme

Author — Super DeveloperTR


You are so lucky meeting so many lovely hospitable and 'amazing' people - just amazing, but it's true. sorry Chris 😊

Author — William Channing


Doctors: Breakfast variety is important
Turks: Yes..

Author — Ggoddkkiller


I think you’re officially owned by this puppy and he wants to join the trip... 🤔😍🐶

Author — Sophie Marc-aurèle


Hi folks i see u still enjoying cappadocia its such a wonderfull place . Ive bn befreinded by dogs and cats in turkey . Even one of the border guards dogs came over to me and gave me a paw and was enjoying my company . I was petrified that the border guards would think i was smuggling drugs etc . So glad i wasnt jumped on and carted offf lol im so glad ur still enjoying turkey ur goin to miss it when u go i bet . The friendly folk uv met . Pls take care speak soon xx

Author — Ian Innes


Cappadocia is in our wish list to travel. Nice video.

Author — Sudhirr Sivraman