Turkey's Infrastructure Boom: Future MEGAPROJECTS

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Turkey is spending $400+ billion on modernization projects to try and become one of the world's 10 largest economies in the coming decades.
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These are the most ambitious megaprojects in development around the world.

No other country, with the exception of China and perhaps India, is undergoing a bigger building boom than Turkey. The Turkish government is overseeing a $400 billion spending spree on infrastructure that it hopes will lay the groundwork for a rapid economic rise. The impressive list of projects includes:

The $49 billion Istanbul New Airport that’s about half complete. It’ll replace the 93 year old Ataturk Airport and, with a passenger capacity of 150 million a year, it will be one of the planet’s busiest. Istanbul’s advantageous geographical location also helps.

“Istanbul, as a hub, is definitely much better location than Doha and Dubai, or Abu Dhabi, so we have these certain advantages compared to other countries.”

The $5 Billion Istanbul Finance Center will centralize Turkish investment banking, much like New York City’s Wall Street does for the United States.

A 48 km canal is being built alongside the Bosphorous strait that divides not only the city of Istanbul, but the continents of Europe and Asia. At a cost of $10 billion, even Turkey’s President calls it a “crazy project.”

Then there’s the $45 billion high speed rail system that at 10,000 km will be the longest in Europe and the second-longest in the world behind China.

The $6.5 billion Istanbul-Izmir Motorway Project is a six-lane highway that will connect the eastern edge of Istanbul to the Izmir province on the Aegean coast.

Turkey will become a regional energy hub thanks to a $10 billion natural gas pipeline that will connect Azerbaijan’s production facilities with consumers in Europe.

Adding to its energy portfolio will be a $5.5 billion refinery on its west coast that, when finished, will be the largest in the country.

Turkey is also beefing up its armed forces, spending $7 billion to cluster its defense and aerospace industries so it can increase production and exports to the international market.

It has also committed more than $1 billion to develop an independent Turkish space program with the goal of launching 20 satellites into orbit by 2020.

All of these projects come on the heels of the completion in 2016 of both the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and the Eurasia Tunnel, two Megaprojects passing over and under the Bosphorus strait.

But the country’s main project is much more practical. At a cost of more than $200 billion, Turkey will demolish and reconstruct seven million buildings throughout the country. Why? Because the majority of structures do not meet basic safety standards in a region prone to devastating earthquakes. Government edicts state that the need to implement the urban renewal plan overrules all existing laws that would’ve prevented people’s houses and apartment buildings from being torn down.

The reasons for the MegaProject boom are complicated. Yes, Turkey needs to modernize, and the quickest way to do it is for the government to have a strong hand in guiding the nation toward prosperity. But it’s also a blatant attempt by the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan - in power since 2003 - to maintain control over the country by promising economic success.

Not only is Erdoğan raising legitimate questions about corruption, his strongman approach is trampling the rights of individuals and local municipalities. On top of that his projections are unrealistically optimistic. Erdoğan says the country can become a top 10 world economy by 2023--which happens to be the 100th anniversary of the modern Turkish republic, and would mark 20-years of his rule. A simple look at where Turkey currently sits on the list of countries ranked by their GDP reveals that it’s economy would have to more than double in less than 6 years, while the economies of Canada and South Korea completely stagnate. That’s simply not going to happen.

This high-stakes game was laid bare a couple months ago when Erdoğan narrowly escaped succumbing to a coup that would have seen the country descend into violent internal conflict and even civil war. Sharing its southern border with Syria and Iraq is only adding to the country’s instability.

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Congratulations to Turkish brothers from Uzbekistan!

Author — unknown 4u


God bless Turkey !! From Kosovo & Albania 🙏🇦🇱🇽🇰🇹🇷

Author — NOKU


We from Jordan Love Turkey and our Turkish brothers ❤

Author — Mohammad Kokash


we hope Turkey becomes a great power! a stronger turkey means a stronger and more stable middle East everyone will benefit. Love from Saudi Arabia

Author — Saud OG


Amazing ! Greetings from Morocco, we love Turkey .

Author — Othmane Alaoui


Turk ppl are brave Hope to see Tukey rise leaps and bounds.

Author — Ammar Khan


Now if you dare to say that those are lies. No mate, those are the facts! You can still keep saying that Erdoğan is a dictator. Just because he don't say 'yes sir' to europian contries all the time doesn't mean he is a dictator.

Author — Sümeyye Aleyna


Turkey is a role model for developing countries.conguraltion on the Turkish people for thier successes.i know outside enemi s are using terrorists to stop this but they fail.



Turkey is literally the centre of our world. With its strategic geographical location (West (Europe) North (Russia) East (Asia) South (Arabian and African world)) starting from its borders.

Love its well-known huge cuisine and other significant cultural aspects.

I love Turkey and no matter what GDP, Turkey remains nr. 1.

Author — Additio S


And the west simply hate that, same goes for any Arab country to develope and become free (I know Turkey is not Arab)

Author — RTYu RTBN


Thanks for talking about my country, i really appreciate it ;) 🇹🇷🇹🇷👍🏼👌🏼

Author — Ata Alic


Mashaallah...god bless Turkey. keep growing. Allah Keep future superpower. Love from Indian muslim 🇮🇳🇹🇷

Author — Ahad Khan


Meanwhile America spends $600 Billion a year on its military. Imagine how much more advanced the country could become if this money was spent the way Turkey spends it

Author — Steve McMillen


Turkey before and after. Thanks to President Erdogan

Author — M Sen


im not turkish but i know pres. erdogan is a great leader, respect from bangsamoro people in southerened philippines

Author — Robin Pandita


the economy could easily double seeing as it quadrupled in his first 10 years

Author — Kay Four



Author — Can Benassi


If someone ever asked himself why people elect Erodgan as president, this is a very good reason to elect him. Presidents before Erdogan used to fill their own pockets... Erdogan also fills his pockets but through economic and infrastructual boom in Turkey. It is a win-win situation for Turkey.

Author — Mehmet Ali Demir


Long Live Turkey!
Long Live Erdogan!😍
Love from India

Author — Abdulhusain Dohadwala


Just got back from Turkey yesterday... Simply amazing. The author of this vid doesn't seem to know what he's talking about when he characterizes Erdoğan (pronounced: er-doe-wan) as somehow "power hungry". For a country that underwent "forced secularization" and stagnation for over 80 years, he has been a great politician, leader and even poet. His mastery of historical knowledge and realization of Turkey's potential are what have turned the tide in 80 years of sleep. He has helped the country to wake up... and from what I have seen there in the past decade or so... there's no stopping it.

Author — Ali Erikenoglu