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The US has removed its missile systems out of Saudi Arabia. Saudis are under the threat of Houthi drone attacks.

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I am beginning to admire this Biden. He is very consisten with his stupidity.

Author — Joseph Velasco


When it comes to investing, most people don't know where to start. Although stocks market changes

Author — Katherine Von


Its safe to say almost ALL AMERICANS had no idea this even happened, let alone we had missiles there at all. I hate American MSM, all lies and almost no chance for truth.

Author — Mikey Hyzer


"To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal"

Author — Derby Norington


At this point I wont be surprised if tomorrow suddenly Biden issues a statement that ISIS, Al-Quaeda and Taliban are their strategic partners on war against terror.

Author — this is the golden age of nonsense


Next News: Chinese defense minister visits Saudi Arabia.

Author — pilfee


Saudi has its "Peace Shield" air defence system. Should be able to stand up on their own two feet.

Author — Andy .P


So much extreme weirdness is going on within this Biden administration, a for sure war is brewing on the horizon 😳

Author — S J


Money makes everything' go around, even if you have to sacrifice human lives - welcome to democracy! Feel sorry for American soldiers, when they go to war' they risk being shot with their own weapons because their government has sold them to their opponent .

Author — Kai Gu


By encouraging attacks on Saudi Arabia, oil prices may shoot through the roof, which helps EV sales and profit at exxon. Warren Buffett bought a bunch of stock in exxon right after Joe Biden got sworn in!

Author — Randy Downing


Why would the US even be protecting a nation that quite clearly inspired ISIS and had 15 attackers on 9-11?

Author — Enlor


They’ve removed the missles because on August 24 Saudi Arabia signed a protection deal with Russia. No more petrol dollars. US dollar - and economy - will soon crash.

Author — Jaco


More like sleepy Joe wanted OPEC to turn on the taps but they said no.

Author — gin-N-aujus


The time is changing very fast now, and this generation or the upcoming will witness it

Author — Young Modulus


Likely, the US is drawing down its black operation to destabilize many ME countries. They are now looking to China and the Far East to confront. This pulling out, leaving Afghanistan, and the drawing down from the ME on other fronts are clearly indidative of this new policy. The US versus China is the next conflict to watch.

Author — zak girard


Congrats America...from Worlds super power to...Local power...👌what a journey 😇 Joe BURDEN, "we did it"💪

Author — Vinay Bhat


Anytime you're having trouble understanding what Biden is doing. Just figure out in what way it advances China and it all starts to make sense.

Author — Lon D


Biden should go back and remove all americans military equipments from Taliban hands

Author — Margsrita Vargas


A move like this tells me they expect to be at war with China sooner rather than just building more batteries

Author — Sam Featherstone


👍🏻 Yes, a curious move - thanks WION for the info 👍🏻

Author — Doug guoD