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One of the most unusual military powers in the Middle East, let alone the world, is the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran’s military obtains much of its manpower from conscription, and males are required to serve 21 months of military service. The army is the largest branch of Iran’s military, followed by the Revolutionary Guards. This body, organized in the republic’s early days, is the country’s most effective military force and consists of the most politically dependable and religiously devout personnel.

Percent of GDP - 4.5%
Total Aircraft Strength: 509
Fighters: 142
Attack: 165
Transports: 89
Trainers: 104
Total Helicopter Strength: 126
Attack Helicopters: 12

Land Strength
Combat Tanks: 1634
Armored Fighting Vehicles: 2345
Self-Propelled Artillery: 570
Towed Artillery: 2128
Rocket Projectors: 1900

Naval Strength
Total Naval Assets: 398
Frigates: 6
Corvettes: 3
Submarines: 34
Patrol Vessels: 88
Mine warfare: 3

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Good Iran, Allah bless you from, Sénégal 🇲🇱💪

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Respect to our Iranian Brothers. Lots of support from Tanzania 🇹🇿

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Edit: even tho your country has some restrictions for youtube i think, you are not alone!!!

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Let's wait and see if Iran is sovereign and the many already sanctioned get they own say.

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HUNDRED-THOUSANDS of Missiles, Drones & Speed Boats. NICE!

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Love and support to brotherly and neighbouring people of Iran from Pakistan 🇵🇰

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The re-emergence of the world's largest empire

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