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World's Biggest Civil Airplanes: The most extraordinary aircraft in the sky are exceptionally large, like the A380 and the Antonov-124, are exceptionally luxurious, like the 787 business jet, or, like the DC-3, they initiated a new era in flying.

The origin of modern aviation technology lies only one hundred years in the past. And yet the first airplanes, built of wood and often with rectangular wings, have little in common with today’s muscle men in the sky. Some of the strongest engines ever have been developed so that more and more passengers and cargo can take off.

The A380 is the biggest and heaviest passenger aircraft in the world. Airbus developed it to outdo its competitor Boeing, in the process setting new standards for aviation: the A380 provides space for a maximum of 853 passengers over two levels. Innovative materials were used for the first time in the construction of this plane.

What the A380 is to passengers, the Antonov An-124 is to cargo. It is the biggest production cargo plane in the world. This giant’s arrival is an event at any airport around the globe. Today it flies mostly civil cargo, but it is actually a relic of the Cold War. Designed for transporting rocket launching ramps.

It was once the biggest passenger aircraft in the world. Today it is a flying observatory. We accompany SOFIA, the world’s biggest research aircraft, on one of it’s nighttime missions.

Flying was once the privilege of the rich. Today those who want to disginguish themselves from the masses charter a business jet. The most exclusive of them all is the Dreamjet, a Boeing 787. It can be had for 700,000 US dollars an hour. A glance inside is usually reserved for a few eyes only.

The DC-3 initated a new era in flying. Thanks to its robust technology and good flight characteristics, it is still being used 70 years after it stopped being produced. For a few remote areas of Colombia’s Amazon basin, it is the connection to the outside world.


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You should have shown the AN-225 instead. That monster even dwarfs the AN-124.

Author — Patrick Brookings


Ya i love the DC 3 reminds me of a airstream its awsome would be dope for skydiveing to

Author — savagex466


10:37 When you land your Military C17 at the wrong airport.

Author — Doc's GearHead Gaming


16:49 take off is the hardest part but landing is dangerous...🤣🤣🤣

Author — marvin


Good documentary! Thanks for uploading.

Author — Simon Smedley


Respect for the old DC 3 pilot, great chap, love to meet him !!

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28:34 the ultra-rich are also addicted to junk food?

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At 15:41 is the back hatch open on the rear of the plane? Looks like it.

Author — jerry leroy


cheez those are some big engines :D they could fit that Transit in there :DD

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When I saw the first time Antonov ı said that ı can't believe that this plane able to fly.

Author — Burak Güreşci


This Youtube channel never disappoint me. Keep up the good work.

Author — Sutejo Tan


21:20 making a big deal of using an 80+ years old airplane for cargo transport while narrator says nothing about the 2000+ years old mule-and-cart land transport technology. Mule-and-cart transport should have its own documentary since it is the father of land transport.

Author — GunsN ́Bullions


It's great to see how humankind use their creativity to solve complex problems and reimagine what's possible!

Recently using drone technology for contruction and media aspects. Never ceases to amaze 🇲🇽

Author — MexiqueInc


But the 380 needs very solid runways to land (so with the Antonov), and not mentionning the airports it lands on the number of passengers to deal with when it lands. DC3, CIA dope runner. Dreamliner won’t roth in the Nevada desert nowdays !

Author — Luc Desaulniers


the donkey's cart had a diff (only 4wder's will get it)

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High octane fuel for the DC3 is getting very hard to obtain

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13:13 "according to myth, it can even land without a pilot"

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Yeah, who else remembers DC-3 plane in the Expendable movie ???

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2:30 OMG! It is contagious. He just said the Airbus is wider than a soccer field. No. No. We shall not immigrate America’s football measurement units into soccer. No. I draw a line here.

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Title of the documentary is NOT JUSTIFIED without ANTONOV 225 ! Despite my complaint, I got to know some new plane types !

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