9 Bad Money Habits Keeping You Poor (And In Debt)

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Got bad money habits? Feel like you're always broke, even though you get a regular salary? Or do you fall into the trap of always increasing your expenses along with increases in income? Don't worry, you're not alone.

In this video, I'm tackling what I think are the 9 most common bad money mistakes that keep people poor, in debt, or just in a state of not being able to manage finances.

Although this is by no means an exhaustive list, these are the basics that really help me keep my own finances in track, encourage good habits, and that I used before I ever became financially stable, or a millionaire.

0:00 - Introduction
0:23 - 1. Getting comfortable being in debt
1:13 - 2. Not paying yourself first
2:30 - 3. Not having a backup fund
3:57 - 4. Not clearly knowing your income or expenses
5:13 - 5. Paying too much tax
7:15 - 6. Having expensive past times or hobbies
8:21 - 7. Not investing when you should
10:27 - 8. Keeping the "dripping tap" on
11:43 - 9. Not caring about finances
12:45 - Bonus: Believing money (or people who have it) is evil
13:29 - Outro

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Sorelle and Leon.
Founders, Abundantia

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Hopefully this will help you all break some bad money habits! How many of these do you have?

Author — Sorelle Amore Finance


Why do my oat milk lattes have to cost so much money....

Author — Damon Dominique


Just canceled: Netflix, YouTubeTV, HBO, Amazon Music + couple other monthly subscriptions. Will now be keeping $1, 700 dollars more per year. Thanks Sorelle!

Author — Varghese Eyadiel


I never thought somebody would ever inspire me to read books about corporations and taxes. I adooore the energy you’re giving

Author — Sesil Ivanova


“Don’t shop, invest in yourself, and

Author — theo bea


Richest Man In Babylon! One of my faves of all time.

Author — Leon Hill


i had a bad mindset about this topic my whole life. i'm 27 and i'm just starting to appreciate this energy from a different perspective. so this channel came at. a. perfect.timing. especially after covid and all the insecurity we felt and still feel about out job and income and all that jazz. great channel, such an important topic, looking forward ridding this wave with you. <3

Author — Ines Selimović


I'm shocked at how many of these things I already do

Author — Margaret Sykora


SORELLE talking about money?! Finally! Love you and your content :). Hope your doing well in Iceland!

Author — Plain Girl Life


You make finances less hush-hush and accessible. I agree, I grew up thinking money was evil. I need to decondition myself.
Thanks Sorelle! Love from 🇬🇧💙

Author — Jake Muga


Here is why minimalistic life, conscious living is so important. Love this content Sorelle! You are gem 💎

Author — ulkakolek


I think you missed one! Do not spend your money on cheap things, instead buy a good one that will last. As my grandma used to say "the poor buy the things twice".
Thank you Sorelle!!!

Author — Κατερίνα


18 y/o and just getting out into the world. I think I will find this channel very very helpful Sorelle :)

Author — Niamh Adairia


Trying to learn as much as possible !
When i'm 18 it'll be over for y'all😂😏

Author — Amelie 9341


This was great! However when people say eat the rich IT IS NEVER on an individual per se is more of the system i.e. corporations that they’ve created that unfortunately keeps many people poor or living paycheck to paycheck. Billionaires only exists because the vast majority the people they employed are heavily under paid and many are also employed as “contractors” so the company can skip on providing benefits to their employees….so, there’s a lot more nuance to that, than hating the rich..🤷🏽‍♀️

Author — Gricelidis Nunez


Actually I made the decision to go backwards with my expenses. From an appartment to a campervan. From 1400 to 970 in total expenses. And at the moment my business is growing. The van costed me a lot of money. But with the new lower expenses my buffer will grow a lot faster. It's gonna be hard at first but in terms of financial and mental freedom it will be invaluable

Author — Max van Laarhoven


This is incredible! I’ve been working towards an abundance mindset with money, especially because my childhood left me very uncomfortable with finances. Thank you for making this info accessible and friendly!

Author — melanie


Fall in love with saving your money more than spending it… ooof that hit home 👌🏽🙌🏼

Author — Sarah Johnston


Great content!!! I'd love to hear more about your experience with real estate investing. How to get started. How to get a loan for an investment property. Etc. Thank you!!!!

Author — David Russell


I agree!💯💯 The Richest Man in Babylon was a game changer for me years ago. Great to see someone talking about it. Keep it up mi amiga!

Author — Sexy Freedom Media