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A documentary on the ten most ambitious mega-projects currently under development around the world, featuring: Dubai World Central Airport (United Arab Emirates); Songdo International Business District (South Korea); Tokyo-Osaka Maglev Train (Japan); Masdar City (United Arab Emirates); The Grand Canal (Nicaragua); National Trunk Highway System (China); International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor [ITER] - Fusion (France); World's Tallest Building (Azerbaijan); Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (India); King Abdullah Economic City (Saudi Arabia).

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💬 Comments on the video

Its ironic how the eco friendly city of Masdar in UAE is probably funded all by oil money.

Author — Joshua Turner


I suddenly feel much more optimistic about the future. :)

Author — Jonatan Borowicz


"Donald Trumps fantasy", if only he knew what was to come in a couple years

Author — Ben Saph


i wonder if one day some of todays technologies would be forgotten by people of future, like how the cultures and technologies of the ancient times are unknown for us. i hope i made sense :)

Author — moh


the creativity named “azerbaijan tower”, thanks for this late night content

Author — JTC TV


22:20 so you take a picture of São Paulo's traffic jams to talk about the increasing number of cars in China?

Author — Gui Rocha


Optimistic people: woah I never knew the future could be this great! 😄

Political and nihilistic people: *Ahem* allow us to introduce ourselves

Author — AstroBot 99


26:20 - "If that's his legacy, he deserves to have a city named after him" ~ The Daily Conversation.

Aw, that was so nice of you to say of him :)

Author — Mr. Boomguy


Intro: United Arab Emirates (Dubai)
2:12 Songdo (International Business District) South Korea
4:44 Nicaragua's Grand Canal
9:08 Masdar City, UAE
12:32 Japan's Maglev High-Speed Rail
15:16 Khazar Islands (Azerbaijan)
18:23 Iter (international scientific project)
20:57 Chinese Expressways
23:41 Delhi-Mumbai Industrial corridor
26:20 King Abdullah / Economic City in Saudi Arabia

Great video btw ☺️

Author — Let's Czech it out!


this made me look forward for the future and start building my life.

Author — saintvictorie


This is literally the best video I've seen this year

Author — Rafael Cintron


Getting to airport fast is amazing, I was in Miami and live in NYC and you can get to the airport in 10 minutes in Miami while it is absolute hell getting there in NYC.

HOWEVER, i think the future is for airports to be away from the cities because it will be possible to build a very fast train from airport to the center of the city. Not now but say 30-40 years from now it will probably be possible to get from JFK to Mid town on a train that runs pretty fast (you can not do it now, you can get there on a train that is slow and runs thru an area where you can get stabbed or mugged).

Author — Larry Litmanen


this is a very good video, the best I've seen on youtube thus far

Author — Craig


I really value the time it takes to put one of these together. Great info and visuals! Subscribing.

Author — Siya Zarrabi


The middle east is kinda weird. It's either like Iraq or Syria, a war-torn third world country, or it's like the UAE or Dubai, a petrolocratic billionaire city donaldtrumpopolis.

Author — JmmiP 20


I can't wait what the future has to bring us I will still be pretty young thankfully

Author — PugAssassin


amazingly edited video with impressive overview of the future. thank you :)

Author — Travel Nomad


An update on these projects on the eve of 2020 would be really awesome!!

Author — Prayon Kreutz


8:37 Did you forget Alaska is a part of the USA?

Author — ThePoliticalAv


very knowledgeable & best thing I've watched on YouTube in a while

Author — Haaz Harris