World Business Watch: United bets on supersonic future with $3 Billion Boom jet order | English News

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United Airlines Holdings is jumping into the potential market for supersonic travel with the first firm order for Boom Technology's Overture aircraft, wagering that business flyers will pay top dollar for speedier trips across oceans.

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Human: now supersonic later hyperloop after that rockets
Earth: now virus, later ocean rises, after that i will leave it to your imaginations

Author — S Kamal


chyna is all ready to steal technology😂

Author — bhai jaan


I can't wait to see how much those seats will cost.

Author — Jessica Zane


Jobs will pay your bills, business would make you rich but investment makes and keeps your wealth. So I would advice you invest in crypto currency like bitcoins right now and make huge profits

Author — Cladia Peters


But how will they over coming the sonic boom? The loud sound which is created when something travel faster than sound speed. Last time this was the major downturn.

Author — Shrey Pratap Singh


It will come to used, Because we are in the last days, though it's the beginning of doom for the world. My fear is the safety landing due to the speed....

Author — ola simeon


For shipping industry they are recommending and mandating slow speeds, the airlines want to commercialise supersonic, what are the Carbon taxes on these.

Author — Rohit Prajapati


Here Comes The Starship I Hope Others Future Space Companies Focus On Elon Musks Planetary Transportation Idea.

Author — K P.


Then Negative g force and positive g will be a basic education at school..

Author — Hot spot


You sleep in San Francisco and wake up in Tokyo in 6hrs

Author — Janu G


Will my glass of wine spill in this supersonic jet? :P

Author — GOT Fan


Another option, is sometimes u can go to heaven also, very fast

Author — Majo Johny


Wish I was a
Air hostess or piolet

Author — Im the Angel


china mind"i will copy this😎 and sell cheap"

Author — hilmi khaleed


United will still beat up and mistreat their passengers.

Author — Soundwave Superior


Come one wion! Vet your anchors a bit harder. I had really hard time understanding this anchor. Where is pallki Sharma?

Author — KabulFm


I will ask the pilot to make some Sonic booms or fly over the ocean at sonic speed.

Author — Akshit Kanwar


Yes something need to runaway from nuke explosion.

Author — Sgt.Scorpio(Bengali)


Back To The Future.

Maybe _THIS_ Time They Can Get It Right.

( but i doubt it )

Author — _. _.


Concord 2.0 is back, , hope no crashes this time