Russia warns Ukraine conflict could lead to World War Three - BBC News

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The UN estimates almost 5,000 civilians have already died and 11 million people have been displaced in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Some are still trapped in the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol as fighting intensifies around them.

Secreatary General of the UN António Guterres will travel to Moscow today and to Ukraine on Thursday to try to broker peace talks. But hopes of peace are slim with Russia suggesting that there is a danger of the Ukraine conflict leading to world war three.

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I have mass respect for these Ukrainians for sticking to their turf no matter what hell brings many prayers for Ukraine you will rebuild and better just sad to see all the people have to flee.



Russia "its not ww3 its a special global disagreement"

Author — Spaceballz123


If they're having trouble taking over one country, what do they think the outcome would be against the world.

Author — tease5424


I almost feel like Russia doesn’t think anyone else has nukes.

Author — Thor Thunder


The Soviet Union had all these powerful nuclear weapons when they went up against the US and you never heard them talk repeatedly so much about their nukes and WW3, etc, even after they were defeated in Afghanistan. We all have heard Putin and Russia go on and on about their nukes, a modern European nation is essentially behaving like North Korea, which speaks volumes.

Author — TheGQBrotha


What to do when you invade an independent country and you can't win because the opposition is tougher than expected or maybe the other party is just smarter? Just threaten to blow up the earth and try to blame the other party for making you do so...

Author — geraldillo


If Russia is truly concerned about the possibility of a WW3 starting then the onus is on Russia to take positive steps to prevent it. And not to just use the threat as part of a military gambit: to keep Ukraine poorly armed.

Author — Fleanis Werkhardt


Bringing up the possibility of World War III is like an abusive man threatening to kill all women, simply because his wife had the audacity to defend herself!

Author — Etienne Aubert


I mean, if he has no other options at this point then to throw the most obvious warning. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Despite his weak military just truly shows how desperate he is to take what’s not his.

Author — ♌️ Leo 🥰 Michigan USA


Pfft! The bully warning the victim: “If you don’t stop defending yourself, others might join the fight and I might get my ass kicked!”

Author — ChristopherP. Hitchens


Russia doesnt announce wars before they start them, so i highly doubt it

Author — warfighter1988


Empty threats or not, Putin’s readiness to escalate things is a sign of weakness.

Author — Solo Wing Pixi


God, this is just sad, I hope it never escalates

Author — Project WarFare


I hope all of this ends soon...
My sincerest condolences to all our brave heroes who gave their lives for us..

Author — AG


Oh this war on Ukraine may lead to WW3 we didn't know that russia thank you for the information 🥱

Author — Ivan Munoz


Russia is helping expand NATO with their war of aggression against Ukraine. They're proving the need for NATO every moment they continue this war.

Author — Pho-King Soup


Love to the world.. from Ghana 🇬🇭 and peace to the world ❤

Author — Parental Guidance


Sucks that the ego of one man, can be capable of destroying all intelligent life on a planet. A planet that for all we know, is the the only one like it for light years and light years of dark abyss.

Author — Joey Andraos


I'm really glad that at the end of this report, we also fiiinally got to see that the UK (which from the context I'm guessing these vehicles are heading from) is also sending revamped vehicles and restored military ambulances to Ukraine which they definitely need. In one of the eastern districts of Ukraine alone the local official stated that since the war kicked up on the 24th of February they had lost '50' of their 250 ambulances or were too out of action due to shrapnel and other effects of the war. So these being sent along with the other armoured vehicles will DEFINITELY go a long way in helping the civilians as well as the soldiers and other first responders. I hope that other surplus yards and hospitals across Europe and beyond will do the same. The more we can get to Ukraine to more people we can save and the sooner this war can end. Slava Ukraine

Author — Daniel Whyatt


Russia starts this mess then gets mad when things don't go their way and they can't take over another country... crazy blame-shifting whiners.

Author — Chris Snyder